Powder Fresh

Tunnelling through…

Snowfall March 13, 2013

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As I look out the window and see all the amazing snow, I can’t help but be awed by the beauty of it all.

I love winters. I love snowfalls. I love making snow angels, i love catching snow flakes with my tongue, i love the feel of a warm cup of hot cocoa, and I absolutely love, love, love cuddling into a warm blanket after a cold walk outside. I love how snow days mean no school or work and yes, tobaganning on the hill. it means hot soups and hot chocolates with marshmallows. its warmth of the loved ones kind.

I love how the snow not only covers the ground, it also brightens up the skies. I find it so beautiful, in a way only nature could do it so perfectly, the way the snow engulfs the dirt underneath and puts forth an amazing, serene scenery. Embracing the faults yet, forgivingly, lets the purity shine.

Pics to follow..



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