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kinect adventures.. July 25, 2012

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Pre-eesa, I had developed a grudge against video games. Perhaps it had to do with all the neurological statistics I had memorized during Psych101. Or maybe it has something to do with women hating video games in general.  I had vowed my kids would never play video games. Physical and mental stimulation, brain cell damages etc etc. I had arguments upon arguments against it. More often than not, I would unleash these passionate arguments against poor Imran, who silently took off to his brother’s instead to play Xbox (not in my house, not in my lifetime!). I had the entire shpeel memorized and was ready to verbally shoot down anyone who dared to convince me otherwise!!

Come 2012,  when I went ahead and gifted my two boys a Kinect. *gulp* (yup, one more of those mommy moments where I get to bite back my words). I happened to stumble upon the kinect at my bestie’s house last year. OMG i LOVED it. I played fruit ninja on it and what could be better than loosing a 100 calories while you… get this… play!!! Holy shmokes. Its a gaming system that requires no remotes! I LOVED it. It required u to move, unlike wii where you can sit down and flick the remote instead, you’re constantly on your toes and the avatar mimicks your moves.


Needless to say, its given us hours of fun and bonding time ever since. We’ve got a three game rule (yes, it applies to us parents too), whereby if we’re playing alone, we’re only allowed to play 3 games (5 mins each) at a time. If we’re playing as a family , we can play as many as we want together. This motivates the kids to include us in their play!


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