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I.Like.My.Distance! September 27, 2011

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I’ve been thinking a lot about certain relationships that seem to be really weighing me down lately. The heavy ones. The type that seem to become a hurdle to carry around. Its like your clothes that start to grow lint. It ends up clinging onto you, adds the extra weight and well, just makes the overall outfit look ugly.


I’m a strong believer in the fact that friends enrich us. They make life’s experiences fun. They make us look prettier. They glam us up. What happens when they start pulling us down instead? Judging us. Psycho analyzing us. Guilt tripping us. Or better yet, not carrying their own weight but expecting us to carry them around too?


I’ve had it.


I’ve tried to give these relationships chances. Offered it my support. Sympathy. Visits. You name it. What happens when none of it is returned? When roles are reversed and there are a million justifications for why its ok for them to do the same thing? What happens when you see them making the effort at other people’s events, yet throw fits and excuses over the same issue at your events?


Distance. Perhaps, in a personalized adaptation, the age old adage of it making the heart grow fonder is indeed true. Maintain the distance, spare yourself the double standard? Perhaps this way the love will stay.


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