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First Day of School.. September 18, 2011

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When did my baby turn into this big girl?  My little girl whose been such an easy breezy part of our life that we are almost certain we must have done something good in our life to deserve her.

Alhamdolillah, we have been really blessed to have Hana in our lives. Perhaps because of her being the second child, her accomplishments get shadowed by her brothers accomplishments. While Eesa’s achievements have always been a milestone, Hana’s have been almost as natural as winking. This is my little girl who got up and started to walk, actually run, at 8 months. The one who was so focussed and determined in everything that she did that I didn’t even notice it before she started to read and write. My little princess, yes the very same who, while I was dreading the onset of potty time, potty trained simply because I didnt have diapers and Imran had taken the car.

Yes, as simple as that. No first day of school fear or apprehension against a teacher who looms larger than life . My lil Hanoo dressed in her white and blue uniform, hair pulled back into a ponytail grabbed her teachers hand and confidently walked into her class. I’m glad she didn’t turn back because she’d have seen me nervous and apprehensive. Biting away my nails, bbm’ing her equally nervous but proud Dad.

I kept coming back to see a nervous or even a worried look. But alas! despite being a december baby and one of the youngest in her class, she was holding her forte with two of her friends – confidently playing, jumping and laughing around. Innocent, budding friendships that I hope will offer lasting support and companionship.

Perhaps, the best and worst of Hanoo’s passage to to school is the powerful reminder of time. My munchkins are growing up and a new grade is a non-negotiable reminder of the fleeting nature of childhood. As they face the new school year with great excitement and an irrepressible sense of hope, I stand reminded. And so very grateful.

ps. She came home crying because her teacher didn’t send any homework for her. Seriously, whose child is she?!


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