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Wisdom from a 6 year old to his sister.. September 8, 2011

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Exhausted after a family bowling trip, the kids are having a convo in the back:

“Hana: When I grow up, I will be a princess

Eesa: No Hana, its not fun to be a princes

Hana: Why not?

Eesa: “Because to be a princess you need to first build a castle.”

Hana gives an excited smile and Eesa goes on,  “Then you need ALOOOOT of money. Baba and I don’t have that much money. Plus you need to marry a baby King and if you do anything wrong, the king will punish you – like really big punishment.”

Hana: “that’s ok I will marry Baba and make him the king”.

Eesa: *smacks his forehead*


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