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My boxes.. August 27, 2011

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While visiting a friend of Imran’s that I don’t particularly like, Imran mentioned that I live my life in boxes. I don’t like intertwining them. I like them as separate spaces and places.

I couldn’t agree more.

I have family that I can be totally at crazy with it. I have family with whom I’m reserved. I have friends with whom I can be out of touch for years but can connect instantaneously. On the other hand, I have friends that I shared a portion of my life with but could never be at ease with them.

Likewise, I have my life sorted in little space boxes. My family space. My friend space. My kids with hubby space. My kids without hubby space. My hubby without kids space. I have certain things that I like to do in each box that I would never do in other spaces. Yes, I know its complex.

Then I have my future boxes. My future education box. My future life without kids at home box. My future house box. Sometimes, when I describe my dream house to Imran, the details and descriptions really scare him. In my mind, I have the perfect settings for every scene. My crafts room with an island table for homework and family projects; closet with hangers which hold my projects in super sized ziplocs, drawers with ribbons and paints and canvasses and, and, and..! My lilac laundry room with white cabinets and white ironing board. My backyard, with a deck that isn’t connected to the house, but floating in the middle.  My study room with a full wall of slanted black bookshelves and red couches with abstract cushions and white lampshades. My family room with a projector wall, surround sound, a percolator, matte finished multi coloured mugs, with an entire section dedicated to board games. My bedroom with a step DOWN bed and white linen and white curtains and white carpet (and of course a steam machine to clean all of that!).

Then I have people boxes. And we can blame social work for this. I have boxes of people who seem genuine. People who love to name/brand drop. People who need the frills in everything they do. People who really don’t give a crap and take u for who u are.

Its a sorted life, huh!


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