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Appreciate it.. April 9, 2011

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Thank God for great friends!

Over the years, my friendships have digressed, progressed, distanced and strengthened with many people in many, many ways. As time goes on, we grow, people grow. Sometimes we distance, while with others, we meet and start of right we left off. I strongly believe that each and every individual that we come to call a “friend” definitely impacts us, our behavior and our thoughts in a way that lasts us well beyond our time together.

As introspective as I am, I don’t think I ever appreciated it as much as I did over the past couple of weeks. I was going through a particularly gloomy phase and every time it felt like humanity had departed – something or the other would happen to revive my faith in it. A small bbm msg from the hubby. A coffee/dessert/lunch date with friends who can talk about anything and everything under the sun, and not just their kids. Sisters who wouldn’t need to be asked, they’d step in and hold the fort while we dealt with what needed to be done.  A “don’t lose faith” phone call from a friend after a particularly nasty incidence. Two friends who’d drop by every night to see how we were doing – just to offer support and comfort. “The therapy couch” and “The hot seat”. An “our friendship means so much to me” email by a highschool friend that was sent a while ago but got lost under the“to read later” folder and suddenly resurfaced at just the right moment. A bbm invite from a friend that I had lost contact with 17 years ago. And last but not the least, a dedication that was sent through the ubberly cool website:  http://appreciate-it.com

Intentional or sometimes unintentional. Small deeds, but they carried so much sincerity and comfort.  Gentle reminders of humanity and kindness. Friends that stepped up and supported like family should. Actions that perhaps spoke louder than words ever could.

Alhamdolillah.Just a small reminder of so many blessings that are yet to be appreciated.


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