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8 years and counting.. Countdown series part 2 December 21, 2010

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The butterflies fluttering in the tummy. The adrenaline rush. The giddyness. The electrifying sparks. The smile across the room. The feeling of being fresh and alive. Oh God, oh so alive! The vibrancy. The ecstacy. The wedding day. The first time we held hands. Trip up North. Travelling together. Trips to New Jersey. The first touch. The wonderland season passes. Becoming parents. Becoming a family with 2 kids. Board games. Midnight snacks. Chai sessions. Buying our first car. Souping it up. The blue LED lights. Owning our first sports car. The basketball games. The hiking trips. The dizzyness. The drives to Montreal. Trips to Niagara at 2 am, for no reason at all. The sizzle. The dizzying thuumkaas, jhatkas and latkas at 3 am. Owning our first ADULT car! Buying a van that was older than Nayma! Moving into our first home. Buying our first house. Turning our house into a home. Quran academy days. Alfalah days. Projected Tv days. Vacationing in Malaysia and Singapore. Trips to Pakistan. Peanut butter and popcorn. Bell peppers and eggplants. Watching and quoting Everybody Loves Raymond. Our secret diary! Niagara and Montreal – spontaneous, just because trips. Being completely different yet so similar. Our corny one-upping disses! Lunch dates at work. Being the happiest when around each other. Vacationing in California. Your inability to shop without me – yes even for a tv! Still managing to have butterflies. Milk and multi vitamins – because because my bones and I will thank you when I’m old. 8 hour phone chats. Obsessions with His and Hers. lol. Swiss Army. Dark, deep chocolate-y eyes. Monopoly and Risk. Lin Garden and Pizza Hut. Blue and yellow and then blue and Orange. Until it finally became chocolate brown, red and green!  Friendship. Love. And everything in between!


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