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The Countdown Series.. Part 1 December 19, 2010

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(3 days before we kickoff Year 9 iA! )

I’ve learnt that love is not in the flower. Its in the priceless hug that transcends every Thank you and I love you(s).


I’ve learnt that being in love isn’t enough. It is about growing, believing and living it with individuality, integrity, dignity and honesty!!


I’ve learnt that love is not in the diamonds. It is in the phone he buys simply because he’s too worried that I would be driving in the snow without one.


I’ve learnt that love does not require common interests. It is in motivating and wanting to see each other excel in their own interests even if it means sitting next to each other while one plays monopoly and the other watches basketball on their own laptops.


I’ve learnt that love is not about having the flawless partner. Its about stopping and acknowledging that although a certain trait might be OUTRAGEOUSLY CRAZY in a perfect world, it definitely isn’t toxic to my existence, nor does it define him. It is all about growing through the quirks and turning them into perks!


I’ve learnt that love isn’t about waiting for the stars to light up my night skies. Its about creating the fireworks that light up the heavens!


I’ve learnt that love doesn’t need to follow a manual. Its about how we create it and choose to keep it alive! Even if it manifests into a shaving gel morning message on my bathroom mirror!


I’ve learnt that love isnt enough until you fear a substandard life upon its end, to the point that every great moment makes you want to thank the Almighty and pray He eternalizes it throughout my existence!!


2 Responses to “The Countdown Series.. Part 1”

  1. mayG Says:

    AWWWW yes yes uppercase and all.. mashallah 😀 God bless you two always… such gorgeous pics too!!

  2. Hina Says:

    And I uber duber love this post! Mashallah may Allah always keep you two and your family blessed 🙂

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