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Recipes Galore.. September 22, 2010

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 Ever since I was a little girl, i LOVED collecting recipes. I remember visiting my daadi who would hold stashes of Dawn’s magazine: Tuesday Review just so I could pull out the last page which held the yummiest of recipes. Anywhere I went, I would collect recipes. I had cuttings from our trips to malaysia, thailand and even hong kong – when i must have been barely 5! By the time I was 8, I had 3 notebooks of recipes, organized by genre! I rarely cooked. Perhaps it was do with my mom’s obsession with recipes and her ability to cook amazing food. She had a handwritten diary of her mom’s favorite recipes that she had compiled as she grew up.

I’m not obsessed with cooking. I’m not one of those women who lives to slave over the stove and her day and night revolve around what to cook next. I don’t enjoy everyday cooking (i’d rather cook for 20 people than for 2!)- I do it just to bask in the comfort of having the family together at the table. What I do love is concoting recipes, trying out different stuff. And above all, I love entertaining and having people over – and being desis, what better way to enjoy time together than food?

 While I lived my inlaws, one of the things I really dreamed about, was having my own kitchen! Maybe it was to do with the memories of my mom spinning magic around the kitchen. Or the feel of the family coming together and bonding! I always dreamt about being able to have dinner made the way I know my hub loves. Making his favorite cuisines or surprising him with something new.

Sometime during this dreaming, I put together this folder of my favorite recipes, divided by cuisine types and meal times. I must say it has been a lifesaver, i still use it and build on it – altho i lost many recipes when my computer crashed: twice! Thankfully, I had shared the folder with Maryam, through whom I could retrieve it both times. She added many of her fave recipes and now this has become my kitchen database!

On Eid, Maryam made all of us a personalized que card sized recipe binder. She included some her fave recipes in it and now I’m waiting to get some more que cards to start adding more recipes to it. I bought some silver hooks and hung it on my backsplash, above the stove. Ofcourse, the fact that it is orange, is an added bonus!! (pics to come as soon as I upload them!).

How do you store and organize your recipes?


One Response to “Recipes Galore..”

  1. Eva Says:

    awesome I can’t wait to see the pics of the organizer 🙂 .. my mom and I started a cooking blog to compile our collective recipes.. it’s been a slow work in progress and we’ve been adding recipes when we get the chance 🙂 see it here: http://our-family-cookbook.blogspot.com

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