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Thoughts.. August 20, 2010

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Thoughts and ideas buzz through my head like bees. Sometimes I walk through my day making mental notes: “Ooh, I have to remember to add that to the blog!” or “oh! I should add that to their journal!”.  But once I get down to writing them, trying to evict that moment from memory- I end up staring at the screen instead. Because try as I may, I can’t bring out the words to do justice to the joy of having experienced it.

I can’t complain though. At the height of it all, I am taking each moment as it comes – living and loving every bit of it – cramping, crowding and imprinting a million different sensations into my memory, hoping to spill them as folklore to my grandkids one day inshaAllah. I only pray the memories will continue to jostle for supremacy just as fervently 20-30 years down the lane as they do today.

..o0(Please continue to wait while I collect my honey!)0o..


One Response to “Thoughts..”

  1. UTP Says:

    Exact same like any other blogger… what I have started doing is recording in my phone …. or if online… quickly writing a draft with random thoughts… formalizing later… ideas havent gone astray….

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