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Travel Diaries – 1 June 14, 2010

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One of the many advantages of having a Dad who worked for an airline is that we got to see the world – literally alhamdolillah. Not only that, we also got to live in different places around the globe. His father, my paternal grandfather, enjoyed travelling and therefore instilled this passion to explore the world in my Dad. My Dad picked up where his dad left off  and continued to explore more. An avid reader himself, I remember having a conversation with my dad once, who insisted that although books open the world to you, a picture is worth a thousand words.  He insisted travelling broadens our horizons, opens our mind and brings knowledge that we would never sit and search for from home.

I have to agree with Abbu here. Travelling did open up our horizons. I still  remember phrases that I picked up travelling. Chinese: Ni hao ma. Persian: Khanam, hale khoobi? Malay: Terima Kasih Arabic: Kaam hada? / Shoya shoya / tareeek tareek (although i have to admit i learnt tareek while doing hajj 2 years ago lol!)

Although I couldnt comprehend the intensity of abbu’s word then, I now realize what he truly meant. Travelling to me has been:

a chance to admire Allah’s miracles on earth,

– a means of exploration and adventure,

a chance to zoom through my camera lens

– fun with the people u care about without the worry of daily nitty grittys,

– the opportunity to make new friends,

– learn phrases from a new language,

– people watching,

– the ability to find meaning within our own lives, to acknowledge the space we occupy and to grow beyond it,

– Imran’s fave: trying out new cuisines and delicacies,

–  learning about new cultures – their values, their experiences, their history, their passions, customs and traditions etc etc,

– checking off my ever growing list of places or sights i want to visit,

– to discover a world pre-globalisation and pre-commercialisation

– meeting locals, some of whom embrace you with so much love, warmth, kindness and enthusiasm

 and last but not the least,

–  building memories that we could cherish forever. For Imran and I, one of the coziest times of our marriage have been while we travelled and the second most would be reminiscing about those sweet, sweet, sweeet memories.

What’s your kick?

Editted to add: I know the post is a little disjointed and uncconneted to the title, but I came to write about my memories from varioys cities, airports and above flights! Unfortunately my passion took over my fingers, and well I wrote completely off topic. Therefore, I’m making it a two part post and re-naming it to travel diaries =)


2 Responses to “Travel Diaries – 1”

  1. aasi maasi Says:

    mashallah you are really blessed to have had these oppotunities ❤ may Allah continue to bless you and your family with a bright future (full of many more travels). ameen.

  2. aasi maasi Says:

    *waiting for part 2*

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