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Dear Hanoo June 10, 2010

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Dearest Hanoo,

I’ve been meaning to write to you on the blog for a while but I get so into your antics all day that I forget to venture over and write for you.

Mornings with you are my favorite part of the day. You remind me of the time when it was just Eesa and your Dad would travel endlessly for work. Eesa and I would rush through our morning routine, pull out his stroller and venture out to explore the world – the library, the mall, the subways and the downtown, the mosque, the grocery store. Everywhere. Only difference is, now its you and I, in a car – the possibilities are endless!

Having a daughter in you is ethereal. Its hard to pen down my emotions, mostly because despite you having been in our lives for the past two years, I’m still absorbing it. I still feel like pinching myself and yelling out to the world: HELLO! I have a daughter! Alhamdolillah, Allah Almighty has been most generous.

You have the same crazy humour as your brother does. Your eyes brighten up and you love to wink as you crack jokes. You do the craziest things and then pout your lips and give us a sideways look, enough to melt the toughest heart.

The highlight of your life right now is a handbag with sunglasses, keys and cellphones in it. Lots of cellphones. The louder, the merrier. Life is interesting indeed! And the day, I dare to mistakenly forget the said handbag at home, life packs in even more action!

Your love for your “babies” has also made us appreciate and understand the love our parents have for you guys. Yes, your “babies”, our “grandkids”. As if nurturing and nourishing you and your bhaiya wasnt enough, I have “Baby” and “Almas” to take care of as well. You spend your day slaving over your kitchen making chai and chips and then expect me to feed your kids while you do your “homak” (homework). When you step out to pick or drop bhaiyya off, you leave with a stern admonishment “Please don’t dishterb Almas, she’s sleeping on your lap ok?” (And yes, I can’t help but feel the guilt that assails when I remove her from my lap and place her back onto her shelf)

Hanoo, you are vibrant, just as I would have loved for you to be. You love to colour, paint and write. Your mind is like a little sponge and you absorb everything around you. At just two and a half, you can mashaAllah recognize almost all english alphabets, connect them with words, count upto twenty, recite surah fatiha, ayatul kursi, surah teen, the beginning of surah naba and now surah ghashiyah.

The most amazing part of it all is the sheer effortlessness with which you learn and absorb everything mA. I would be sitting and teaching Eesa a verse while you’re making chai and chips in your kitchen for us. Next thing I know, you will be reciting the same verse while rocking your “babies” to sleep! 

Hanoo, you have your daddy wrapped around your pinky! You have to smile and he’ll relent to your whims. “You’re spoiling her!” I accuse. He smiles and carries on.

And the very same can be said about your Dada, Nana, Daadi, Daadi phoppo, Janjan and Bai, etc etc. Just when I thought their love for Eesa was unreal, you charmed them into expanding the elasticity of their love to embrace you in as well. They dote on you. If two days go by without Daadi phoppo seeing you, she’ll harass your Daadi until she finally speaks with you! MashaAllah they love you and Eesa, more than they love your Dad – and that’s really something!

My baby, you are fierce and tough, you won’t sit back and take crap from anyone. I started raising you by teaching you not to hit. But with an older brother and cousin around, you had no choice and learnt your defense well. I don’t have to defend you, you do it with charm and dignity and will not relent until the crime has been rectified. One day you asked bhaiyya to give back your phone. He threw it towards you. You stood up and firmly told him to come back and pick it up and give it to your properly in your hands. You go gal! 😉 But I also know that as fierce as you are, you are just as stubborn and had the roles been reversed, you would have had the cows come home before you came back and returned the phone properly!

You are crazy and insanely boisterous when you want to be and can just easily pull out your graceful charming lady hat when you want to. You love to dress up and for all its gotas and chimkees, Shalwar qameez and desi clothing is your attire of choice. I invested in an entire wardrobe of Osh Kosh, H&M, children’s place and Carter’s for you last summer, and sadly you’ve worn only ONE of the outfits so far.. that too because it had a picture of a sandal on it – #*&^*%#!!! (yes, that’s me raging!). You’ve also made me a shopaholic, because there’s just no two ways about it. You need matching chooris and chapals and handbags.

I also intend to give you a haircut post Rizzi chachoo’s wedding. Please don’t kill me if I butcher your curls. But if you know the agony I’ve gone through whilst taming my mane, you’d love me for it!

Ok my love, I came to write to you about something – which I completely forgot about. I’ll get around to it when its not 4:30 am and I’m not up because my back is sore from all the physio that I went through today!

love, Mama!


One Response to “Dear Hanoo”

  1. aasi maasi Says:

    PLEASE do not cut her curl shezaaaa!!! </3

    love the letter mashallah! ❤

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