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Mommy’s day.. May 10, 2010

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To the woman who taught me the meaning of resilience – even when she was surrounded by the most oppressive environment. To the woman who stands firm in her patience. To the woman who makes wisdom precede victory. To the woman who can make a million hurdles feel like they’re within my grasp. To the woman who can only see the positive in everything and everyone and therefore make every experience seem ethereal. To the woman who can guide me through pregnancy, labour and now mommyhood from miles and miles away. To the woman I revere. To the woman who means the world to me but I rarely admitted it to. To the woman whose essence is felt even in her absence and to try to pen it down is sheer insanity.  To my mum: I love you!


One Response to “Mommy’s day..”

  1. aasi maasi Says:

    super sweet <3!

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