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The shopping dilemma.. May 7, 2010

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I LOVE walmart. I practically live there. Ever since the new ad match feature and late hours, its become even more convenient to shop there! I go at 10pm, once the kids are knocked out. Back when my mum or sisters were here, Imran and I would take nightly trips to just roam around walmart. At 10pm, its sooo peaceful, u wouldnt believe its the same place! The cash lanes are empty, no queues in the return lanes, the aisles are empty, the food is fresher because its restocking time etc etc!

However, my favorite feature is the fact that at 10pm, the employees arent as rushed and take the time to serve you. Over time, I have become friends with the employees and they always approach me and whisper the latest deals in each aisle in their most secretive voices – not just at walmart, but other stores in the plaza as well! Sometimes if i forget my ad match papers, they’d pull out their hidden one from under the cash drawer and match it for me or even tell me which papers have the best deals.

Today, I sent the hubby to do our shopping. Part of the grocery list was some … errr… personal supplies. Heres our conversation:

I: “there are only three open aisles, all three desis and all three know I’m your husband. There is no way I’m buying these infront of them!”

me: “So what? I’m sure they use it and buy it for themselves too!”

I: “Yeah! but I don’t know that!”

Me: “Just go to the self serve counter”

I: “It’s closed”

Me: “Just pretend you don’t know them! I’ve bought these at stores in Pakistan when I had to ASK a man to take it off the shelf for me”

I: “But they don’t know you! These aunties know me! I don’t want to run into them at the masjid while they know what I shop for! ”

And that’s how we decided to stop shopping for personals at 10pm!!


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