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Uncut! April 1, 2010

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Eesa: Mama, could you make more babies like Juwairiyah?

Me: Why Eesa?

Eesa: She’s soft, cute and Sadia chachi lets me carry her around. 


Eesa (after finishing his night prayers): Mama, if I die, will I go to Jannah?

Me: make dua’a and InshaAllah you might

Eesa: Mama, in jannah can i have one hundred thousand baby sisters?

Mama: In jannah we’ll never be sad, so if thats what makes you happy, that’s what you’ll have.

Eesa: Can Allah teach the babies not to do potty first? 



3 Responses to “Uncut!”

  1. nayma Says:

    LOL. He’s such a cutie mashAllah!
    I love the random cute things Eesa says!
    i miss you guys, man!
    give him a big wet kissy from me!

  2. aasi maasi Says:

    haha adorable mashallah!
    keep posting.. it makes me happy when i see a new post on your blog lol 😉

    n eesoo calls sadia chaachi? lol

  3. sadia Says:

    awww…cute ❤

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