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Come snow, come! February 9, 2010

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This being Feb and all, its quiet sad that there’s been barely any snow this year. All of one (and a HALF) snow fall since we’ve been back.

I like summer and the tons of stuff we can with it, but I’m definitely a winter person. I love having the four of us snuggled up with handmade warm knitted blankies by Imran’s aunt (jj). i love taking hot chocolate in our flask each time we go out. I love shovelling with Imran and Eesa while Hana peacefully sleeps inside – he’s always begging Dada to let him shovel Dada’s driveway but loves it even more at our place coz its our time with him. And I absolutely love the fact that I can layer up and still be comfy as opposed to the inability of layering down in the summer. 

Despite all that, what I love the most about winters is the opportunity to enjoy our backyard to its full potential. Making snowmen, snowball fights and the best: tobagganing down the hill. Oooh YEAH!

Right now, our backyard looks like a balding old man with patches of snow here and there. Please pray we have SOME snow before the season’s over =(


3 Responses to “Come snow, come!”

  1. aasi maasi Says:

    so true. i love summer but winter is just so cozy comfy. i hope it snows soon so we can come over for some sledding = )

  2. Ayesha Says:

    your welcome to come visit and enjoy our backyard…we have abundant snow Alhamdulillah!!

  3. Ayesha Says:

    Mom said its snowing over there!! YAY!!
    She said you are supposed to get a lot of snow inshaAllah 😀

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