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Karachi tales: Wedding in da house! November 4, 2009

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My fave part about weddings in karachi is the constant sound of dhols (desi equivalent of the arab daff) and girls singing in the background. Its a sound that keeps the festivities going, the mood and rhythm upbeat. Its a sound sooo completely synonymous with weddings for me.

I love weddings. I love weddings in Pakistan even more. The constant stream of visitors, family and friends dropping by – unannounced, because that is what the wedding is – a community affair! And anyone who drops by, automatically joins in with whatever is going on – be it singing, eating, cooking or even stitching.  The whole house is buzzing with wedding-ness. Someone is complaining about a dye wala who took forever to dye out her dupatta she needed for tonight or messed up the shade she needed it in. Someone else is singing while stitching lace onto their qameez. The khalas and mami’s, sing while sitting on the dining table preparing snacks that will be served daily during the week of the wedding. While the bride is either playing the dhol or in times when she finds a replacement, she;s cutting out either one of 400 or so handmade wedding cards or the placecards she’s making for the tablesetting on the wedding day. Someone or the other is helping her with the gluing of the ribbons or the printing of the endless streams of transperencies. While Baba is beaming with pride at how creative his daughter is and narrating the stories of how much the last person he dropped the invitation cards to, appreciated them.

Weddings in our house are not just that. Its a festivity that sees people moving beyond the rituals of their daily lives to come and share in bits and pieces of everything thats going on everyday. Its a reunion of family travelling from everywhere to get together and party. People who live in the same city, move in to enjoy the daily craziness. 

MashaAllah – and may Allah swt bless the union with His rehmah inshaAllah. ameen


3 Responses to “Karachi tales: Wedding in da house!”

  1. aasi maasi Says:

    i cant wait for pics! 🙂

  2. Ayesha Says:

    who’s getting married?

  3. nayma Says:

    for the record, shaima didnt play the dhol much 😛

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