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Karachi tales: Sceeming!! November 4, 2009

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One of the luxuries of living in karachi is the ease with which everything is available to you – at your home. I witnessed this more so when my parents were living in Mumbai – EVERYTHING and EVERY store delivered to your house.

At my parents’ place, in Karachi, a few vegetable mongers (sabzi wala) go by their house every morning. As they pass through lane after lane, home after home, they yell out ‘sabzi walaaaaaaaa’ in a LOUD voice that can be heard deep into your home. 

When Eesa was younger, our chowkidar (door watchman) would take him out to make him meet the vendors so he’s pretty used to it. For Hana, on the other hand, this is a new experience.  The morning after we landed, jetlagged after a night of sleeplessness, she heard the man and RAN for me, hugged me soo tightly and whispered “mama he’s sceeeming (screaming)”. I hugged her and consoled her until the man left.

An hour or so later, another one walked by. Once again she dashed for me, squeezed her eye shut and …. as jetlagged and tired as she was, she FELL asleep, barely whispering “sceeeming man”!

And this is how, I found a magical way of bading goodbye to her jetlag.

Each night, at 8 pm, I get one of my sisters to yell out sabzi walaaaaaa, which gets hana running to bed, forces her to close her eyes and fall asleep. lol.

(Dear Hana, You know I love you, right? Love, Mom!)


4 Responses to “Karachi tales: Sceeming!!”

  1. aasi maasi Says:

    awww baaabyy!! mashallah I ❤ her.. i miss you guys already = (
    On our first morning after arriving in Pakistan, I also had no idea about these sabzi walas nor did I know what they were saying.. when i could hear them from our room i thought it was a person just walking down the streets and singing songs

  2. hina Says:

    LOLLL omg you’re soo cute and so is hannah!!

  3. Ayesha Says:

    hahahah soo cute mashaAllah…im soo loving this new way to put your kid to sleep 😀

  4. chachi Says:

    haha that’s hilarious!! my poor hanoo. wait till she finds out the boogeyman is her very own flesh and blood khalas

    i found all this stuff totally bizarre as well. it took me 2 years to realize that the random sound i’d hear in the middle of the night was not a weird bird but the neighborhood watch man (read: old fragile man on a bike) blowing into his whistle to let everyone know he’s on watch

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