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She is me.. October 2, 2009

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Was tagged by Urbaniche on this one a while back. Also, check out the one by Jammie, here.




This girl is brightness – on most days orange, some turquoise. Although, deep dark brown is her weakness. She is shifting sand beneath her feet and pitter pattering of raindrops on leaves.

She is colours and smell.

She is beaches on lazy afternoons and drives to nowhere at night.

She is the sound of water slapping onto the shore. She is blanket, mug and a balcony. She is star gazing on her backyard hill. She can stay up all night reading a book, but will fall asleep within five minutes of a movie.

She is not manicures, pedicures or massages. But she IS willing to try anything for experience.

She is late nights and coffee shops. She is road trips with good company. She is airports and hotels; planes and soft white linen. 

She is phone chats and friends. She is introspection with sisters.

She is family and grandparents. She is surrounded yet alone. She is people who genuinely care and not those who need to prove what they do.

She is married to her best friend and wishes she could be like him when she grows up. She IS cuddles and kisses. She is spontaneous ventures. She is my way or the highway though.

She is cousins and board games. She is about making memories.

She is conversations of the deep, meaningful type. She is alternate media and conspiracy theories. She is laughter of the deep stomach ache type but anger thats engulfing like fire on paper. Injustice angers her and violence unnerves her. She is challenges and challenges change her.

She is passionate about her causes. She isn’t for them, but with them. She moves beyond her comfort zone but won’t compromise on her beliefs. She believes in change – one step at a time. She is empowerment and all about giving  choices.

She is laidback and forgiving. She expects nothing until she is expected to – then she distances and doesn’t give back. She is rattled but silent. She is non judgemental UNTIL she is judged – then she’s extremely opinionated. She’d rather distance than hurt back.

She is adventure and chaos. She is exploring and growing. She is ziplining and sky diving. Kayakking and not shopping on vacations.

She is spontaneous but not planned. She is planned but not organized. She is organized but not committed… she is DEFINITELY not sticking to a plan. What’s life without randomness?

She is coke and raspberry margaritas. She is very touchy about her fries

This girl, she mothers not smothers. She’s raising a man, not a boy. She believes in hurdles and building endurance. She teaches to give before taking. She is cohabitance over independence and charachter over looks. She is not patient with whom she loves.

She has no expectations, except if she loves you. She is hopeful like no tommorrow. 

She is muscle cars and airplanes. She is realistic, not idealistic.

She is baking but cleaning above all. She is salad over dessert. She is coffee flavored but not coffee – the drink – itself.

She is entertaining with warmth. She is casual not formal. She is friends who drop by and not those who need invitations. She is conversations over chai – politics, religion or self growth, not pregnancies and mother in laws please.

She is phone chats not text messages. She is hand made letters and not e-cards, letters and not emails. She is pictures of the creative kind.

She is Silver and diamonds, not gold and stones. She is long necklaces and chunky bracelets. She is sentiments and not structures. She is cameras and capturing moments. She is combinations and permutations.

She is black and white, but a rainbow of shady-ness when she doesn’t trust you. She is mistakes and learning curves. She is growing with experience and learning with people. She is changing with time but held back by time.

She is all ME. Who are you?IMG_2878-1


6 Responses to “She is me..”

  1. Aasi Maasi Says:

    awwwwwww i LOVE this post! by far one of my absolute favs!
    everything you mentioned is so true …

    she is one of my bestest friends and im so happy Allah SWT brought us together that one jummuah day 5 yrs back when u were fat as a whale n we walked around the timmies plaza 😉

    i lub you… ❤

  2. urbaNiche Says:

    i love the post. so glad u did it!
    hope u had fun doing it…she is wonderful 🙂

  3. Pat Walling Says:


    I am Victoria’s (Assyia) grandmother.

    You are a very very gifted young woman and I have enjoyed reading your words. Keep up the good work and I wish you much success in your future.

    Pat Walling

  4. Maryam Says:

    you are definitely a rainbow shez (without the other connotation of course ;))

  5. […] She is me   Leave a Comment […]

  6. sadia Says:

    hey shez
    this is the best post… i love it and most importantly i love you and i am always so comfortable/happy/relax around you ❤

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