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You know Martians and Venusians have been living on earth for a long time when: August 1, 2009

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– Martian starts to drink venusian’s choice of drink – Coke (that too just Coca Cola, not pepsi!) over his usual choice of Canada Dry/Ginger Ale.

– Martian finds fifteen minutes too long a wait at the airport – contrary to life on Mars where he would reach the airport hours before the flight departed.

– Martian has started to manage money more than spending it. Previously, venusian would manage it, Martian would spend it.

– Earthians refuse to believe our real siblings are our real siblings indeed but insist we(Mr Martian and Ms Venusian) look like siblings instead.

– Venusian can easily eat peanut butter, reeses, almost any form of beef and honey roasted peanuts.

– Venusian can cook nihari. Before she wouldn’t touch beef with a flag pole!

– Martian would rather spend the weekend pox-ed up on Earth despite family reunions on Mars.

– Venusian is no longer ticklish. Previously, in venus, you could tickle her by wiggling your fingers from across the room!

– Martian lets go of his usual dose of action movies to watch a chick flick with the venusian. Venusian still can’t stay awake through an entire movie though.

– Martian starts enjoying books, even if it means venusian must read it out to him

– Venusian has watched more movies than the number of books she’s read in the past year. But that may have to do with the fact that we have two little earth-lings living with us now!

– Both Martian and venusian agree that the very thing about each other that drives us crazy, is the very same thing that we are crazy about in each other. Yes, it seems really simple but that took sometime for us to figure out, but we’re glad we finally did it  =)


6 Responses to “You know Martians and Venusians have been living on earth for a long time when:”

  1. shaima Says:

    LOL! welcome to the reality of marriage! you forgot the martian fooling the venusian into the whole thing called marriage:P

  2. Mona Says:

    lol, cute! 🙂

  3. Imran Says:

    Venusian can now put up a challenge for martians when it comes to potty talk and burps! hahah

  4. Ayesha Says:

    HAHAHHA that was adorable!!

    i especially love the addition by imran

  5. Maryam Says:

    that was a bit difficult to follow at first, but i loved it.

    ive been saying u guys look alike for ages! the good side to that is both ur kids are a perfect blend of the both of you mA

  6. UTP Says:

    Now this one is definitely well thought of…

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