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Onslaught of the Ms Perfect..! August 1, 2009

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Hana seems to have entered the phase where everything needs to be done in the way its meant to be. Change the sequence and she’ll start getting worried. Here are a few examples:

1. She listens to “huppy” (if you’re happy and you know it..), followed by wheels on the bus on youtube. If I accidently put on wheels on the bus first, she starts screaming “huppy” on repeat until I change it to huppy.

2. I can’t use imran’s cell or laptop neither can he use mine. To each their own.

3. Everyone has to use their own glasses, spoons and plates. No changing.

etc etc.

As much as I’m loving everything has a purpose/place and everything in its place stage, I can’t wait for the flexibility to set in too. I really, really, really want her to be easy going, flexible kind.

The OCD genes seems to run rampantly through my side of the family and luckily it spilt out by the time it reached my cup. I love being able to just get up and go and do things as they come. Nothing needs to be done NOW and oh well, life goes on.  Alhamdolillah, Imran’s the same and it’s really helped that Eesa’s gotten it from us as well – well apart from the same phase at the same age!

 Hana, I hope you find your balance soon and start focussing on the greater and deeper purpose of life soon. Yes, yes I know you’re only 18 months old. But the fact that you are merely 18 months old and are showing strong OCD genes just rattled my nerves a little too strongly. I know its just a phase. But please keep it that way.

Thank you! *hugz*


Your Chez Mama.


5 Responses to “Onslaught of the Ms Perfect..!”

  1. Mona Says:

    huh! i never thought of it that way – i’ve always been anal though not enough to burst a blood vessel if things don’t go the way they ‘should’ but yeah maybe, ocd isn’t such a good thing. here’s hoping Hana (yours and mine) grow out of it!

  2. shezahasan Says:

    lol mona, i do have my moments too. but i really really hope hana isnt the ocd (me-me-me type of person!) and is one of those go with the flow people who shines out and gets things done by being herself and not by loudly proclaiming how she wants it! lol:P

  3. Ayesha Says:

    oooh sounds tough…good luck…heres hoping she grows out of it asap and inshaAllah my kid will skip it!! 😛

  4. Maryam Says:

    lol looks like shes taking after her belaal bhai

  5. NIS Says:

    Hang in there hon! Z turned 18 months too and has been displaying similar tendencies. A says she’s exactly like me and I take that as a compliment 🙂 But it’s hard 🙂

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