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Parental Peeve… June 2, 2009

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Seems like I’m back. For the time being at least! However, since my grey matter has temporarily lost its functioning ability, what better way to get back into the blogging groove than to catch up with tags! So here’s the first one:

A few months ago, Mari tagged me to do a post on my biggest parental peeve.

Hmm, generally speaking I’m pretty open to everyone doing their own thing. To each their own. As long as it doesn’t hurt me or my kids, its really upto them what they want to do with their kids. Yeah, there are a few-plenty things I wouldnt do for myself, but thats a learning moment and doesn’t really irk me.

When I told Mari that I can’t do the tag coz I don’t have pet peeves, she asked me “Does nothing really bother you? What if someone hits your son?”. Nope, doesn’t bother me. My son’s gone through phases where he’s hit plenty of kids. I’ve talked, explained, reasoned, punished etc etc, but nothing worked. Until he outgrew it.. eventually. I was really embarassed, but there was nothing I could do more. Alhamdolillah now he’s learnt to inform an elder and not hit – esp when someone else hits him. 

I’ve had a kid who has made Eesa’s nose bleed and the same kid gave him a lip cut during playdates but I also know that Eesa is capable of doing the same to other children. I will not judge the child. Also, since I will not always be next to Eesa, this is a learning moment for him in my house before the big bad world gets to him.

So no, hitting is not a big deal in my terminology. “But what about candies and cokes?” Mari asked. Hmm! Nope, doesn’t do it for me either. Eesa’s dentist said that as long as he brushes regularily afterwards, its ok. We don’t have icecream, coke or candies at home so the only time he gets it is at his grandparents’ place or when we go out for dinner which is only twice a week anyway. So no judgement calls there either.

“Ok, so just post about something that you wish parents didn’t do!”, Mari said.

Hmm, thats easy! With the world going crazy these days, there is plenty to write about. But I’ll spare that one for another post. Here’s a simpler one that I’ve noticed recently at alot of parties and playdates:


Brown mums have this OBSESSION with feeding their kids tummy to the brain. Apparently the fatter the child, the healthier the child. I know women who’ve been pressurized to feed their kids malai(cream) to make sure that the child is chubby. Sure, if it floats your boat, keep rowing!

However, I’ve seen sooooooo many moms who fill up their children’s plate to the brim and then keep pressurizing the child to finish it. OBVIOUSLY the child won’t eat soo much so they tend to leave the food. As a mom, we generally know how much our child’s appetite is. So give the kids food accordingly. I know that kids are kids and they tend to give us a run for our money and will therefore throw us in a loop at parties, public space etc. Ok, so finish up your child’s leftover! But no, the moms are too full to finish it. So they leave the food. Who are they expecting to finish the food or take on the sin of throwing it away? The hostess?

I’m the kind who can’t see food go to waste. Alhamdolillah with the privilege of having travelled the world, also comes the unfortunate experience of seeing living conditions that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I distinctly remember certain eyes, too dry to even cry. And those eyes compel me to eat the leftover food at my house. After every party/playdate, I clean up peoples plates and finish everyone’s leftovers. Yes, I know its gross. But history bears witness to the fact that it only takes a moment for God to change our living conditions around and God forbid, those eyes might belong to my son or daughter tommorow. With that thought in mind, I just eat in gratitude.

So there it is. The one thing that I wish parents didn’t do: leave behind leftovers. I wish they would give small servings and not overload the plates. And if they did, I wish the parents would finish the leftover. If they don’t finish it, I wish they would pack it up and take it home with them. Or atleast throw it away themselves.

So go on, what is YOUR parental peeve?


One Response to “Parental Peeve…”

  1. Maryam Says:

    i totally agree with the food wastage!

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