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Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me? December 23, 2008

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1. Children learn and develop according to a very strict schedule: their own.

2. There are no 16 year olds who are not toilet trained.

3. Any parenting lesson you painstakingly learn with your first child will be completely inapplicable to your second child.

4. The key to great parenting is a ton of love, support and acceptance. Make sure you’re getting enough.

5. Children are not as smart as those parenting books make them out to be. They’re way, way smarter.

6. With dedication and hard work, there will come a point when you know exactly how to handle any stage of your child’s development. Generally, this will occur when he’s halfway through the next 0ne.

7. When you find yourself, at 8am on a saturday, waist deep and shivering in your community pool trying to coax a screaming two year old off thedeck, what you need to remember is this: No election was ever won or lost on the basis of which candidate was prepared to put his face in the water.

8. There is only one thing that ever kept me from being a perfectly organized, perfectly patient, perfectly wise parent: being human

9. There is only one foolproofway to keep your children from whining in the grocery checkout line: leave them at home.

10. Raising children is confusing, challenging and over far too soon. And sometimes the wisest thing to do is just sit back and enjoy it.

(Excerpted from Today’s Parent April 2006 issue.. page 146)


2 Responses to “Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?”

  1. UTP Says:

    the second point surprised me….

  2. cheesoo Says:

    shezaaaa, so glad to see u back.. email me the password? eesa is 4!!

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