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All good things… March 25, 2008

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must move on!

Thanks everyone for the past three odd years, and some. Its hard to imagine a blog life without you all, but we’re excited nonetheless.

Continue to remember us in your prayers.

Lots of love,

Imran & Sheza


4 Responses to “All good things…”

  1. Ayesha Says:

    HUH? you’re getting another blog or your not gonna blog anymore? ayesha’s very much confuzzled!

  2. Mona Says:

    what does this mean!?

  3. shezahasan Says:

    We’ve both decided not to do public blogging anymore. Instead we’ll continue to blog but it would stay between imran, myself and the kiddos iA. We’d started the blog as a means for my parents to be involved with the kiddos. Alhamdolillah we are on the webcam together with them for half the day and they’re very much up to date with the kiddos through that. As for preserving memories, we’ve been journalling a diary for the kiddos for a while now and most of the enteries in this blog for the past two months have been from there so we both don’t really see a need for this space anyway.

  4. Ayesha Says:

    awww i’m gonna miss reading about you and the kids, but inshaAllah we’ll keep in touch through msn and whenever we see each other….love ya hon, thanks for having me on this journey with you and your family 😀

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