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flu-shing out March 13, 2008

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The past week has been crazy at our lil place. It all started with Eesa having a cough since last Wednesday, followed by Hana catching it and then Imran and now I. Alhamdolillah its a blessing in disguise inshaAllah.


Eesa kept pulling on his ear all through the last two nights and kept complaining of an ear ache. So yesterday, we ventured out to give Dr Hafiz (our trusty paediatrician) a visit. Alhamdolillah altho his ears are red, his throat glands show that his immune system has kicked in so alhamdolillah we got away without antibiotics. Dr hafiz gave us the prescription for the anti biotics just incase his fever started staying too high. I’ve been making him gargle for a few days and he absolutely LOVES it. I make him do it in the bathtub so he has a blast spraying water all over.

At the clinic, Eesa absolutely loved laying down on the patients bed and getting himself checked. He lifted his shirt up for Dr Hafiz to hear his heart beat and then insisted that his blood pressure should be checked too (Dr Levielle used to do that for my prenatal appointments and he used to help out!).

I dont think I updated my blog last week but my envira challenge for this month is: water conservation. In one of the emails that I got from Envira Plus, they mentioned that us north american’s use an average of 11 times more water than the rest of the world. They also mentioned that water is also one of those things that not many ppl consiously conserve. Many North American’s claim to be ‘green’, however, water is one aspect where most ‘greens’ are not green! Islamically speaking as well, we’ve been told not to waste water even if we are sitting by the river. This month, I want to inculcate the habit of shutting off the tap while toothbrushing, shampoo-ing and soaping; and not let the water run for more than 10 minutes in total while i shower (yes i know ten sounds too low, but the ideal is 6 mins!!). I also want to try and not use the dishwasher at all this month (so far so good, alhamdolillah!). I’ll keep you guys updated on how it goes. And if you guys already consciously conserve water, plz share where and how else we can cut down on water consumption in our homes.

As for my organized living project…. Well, sadly it will have to be my bedroom coz of my desk again. I didn’t get around to it last month. Altho i did manage to reduce clutter on it, i have a LONG way to go. I was amused to find a spare toothbrush, a fork, spilt over glue and what not during my last attempt at cleaning it. Since we dont have a pc, our desk collected junk really fast and now its one of those things bequesting me to come and clean it – but looking at it sores my eyes so much, I’d rather just ignore it and work on something else.


Btw, I finally managed to take pictures (AND download them off the camera) from Eesa’s room (I finally got around to putting his stuff up last month) but I’m using Imo’s laptop so I’ll put them up when I use mine. (they’re already on facebook tho:P)

Sorry I’ve been all over the place in this blog. I’ve been trying to play catch up for the last two weeks. There’s sooo many things that have happened but I dont want to go over them right now. So lastly, here’s my MPM for the week. I haven’t been modifying my breakfast and lunch too much since this current set up works out for me as a guideline for Eesa and if he isn’t in the mood for what’s planned, I switch to something else thats avlbl:


  Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday(Decluttering) Oatmeal muffinsPB Quesadillas1 cup OJ

Egg mc muffin

Sliced fruits1 cup Milk

1 cup fruit yoghurt Rice, daal and Salan
Tuesday(Dusting and ironing) Fried eggRoti1 cup OJ

Toast pizzas

Fruits1 cup milk

Moms(doctors apptmt) Moms 
Wednesday(vacuuming) Cereal with milk  Moms(jj’s surgery) Moms Moms
Thursday(Scrubbing) Spinach frittatasMilk

Rice and karhi

1 cup apple juice 

Cheerios1 cup OJ

NM Burritos, cream of mushroom

Mango Milkshake

Friday(Organizing and Rearranging) Rice crispies with strawberries

Left over burritos

Crackers and cheese

beef chili, gb

1 cup milk




chicken cutlets

Yoghurt sticks MCI reunion

5 Responses to “flu-shing out”

  1. mayG Says:

    aww baby.. hope Eesa and the gang feels better soon..

    guesswhat, its flu-time here too.. first our little one, then UTP, I pitch in with a little cough and sore throat now and then (can’t afford to let the flu happen too seriously, we’ll be left with nobody to take care of the sick ones!)

    just last night mahnoor kept on waking up from sleep and crying because of an “uffoo” in the ear, I was all prepared for a doctors trip and antibiotics except she was back to her usual jumpy sort in the morning and i thought i’d delay the trip yet again – anything to stay away from having to stuff antibiotics down that tiny body..

  2. maryam Says:

    along with the ones you mentioned, here are ways we conserve water:
    -dont rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher
    -if you are hand washing dishes, turn off the water when soaping
    -if you have left over water in bottles/cups, use that to water the plants instead of draining it (in the summers toss the water in the yard)
    -don’t fill the kids tubs too high, fill it so its above their thighs (while they are sitting) and then i let the water trickle cuz he likes to play with running water
    -if the water is too cold in the morning for wudu/diaper changes, let the water run and fill the lotas so you don’t waste that water.
    -(kinda gross i guess) but in the day time if you aren’t sharing a bathroom, only flush after #2, but not after every #1 (i did that when i was pregnant and peeing 12 times a day)

    the toothbrush is a biggie…you waste 2 gallons of water letting the water run while brushing.

    can you tell me where i can sign up for these envira emails? or can you forward them to me when you get them please?

  3. shezahasan Says:

    Jazaks maryam for the list. alhamdolillah we’ve got all of them nailed for a while. except for the flushing bit, but i think it was hillary clinton (or was it oprah?) who said something like that last yr too. or was it abt toilet paper? – cant remember :S

    the envira emails.. its more like a forum/yahoo group kind of thing through our college but we get a summary email from the interest group bi-weekly. last months was about making easters ‘green-er’ and a review about the book ‘growing healthy families’. iA, ill email u the next one. if anyone else wants it, plz lemme know.

  4. maryam Says:

    not sure, i didnt hear it from either, we just kinda started it on our own.

  5. Maryam's mom Says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum

    Actually they use more water in Malaysia than here! They take baths 3 x a day. Plus here we use toilet paper instead of water.

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