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Poop a loop.. March 6, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — shezahasan @ 10:28 pm

Yeah we’re a lil weird in this family. Poop really fascinates us. lemme reiterate that. Poop REALLY fascinates us! So yeah, imo and i burst out into fits of laughter every time we hear this!

chk this out:



4 Responses to “Poop a loop..”

  1. Ayesha Khan Says:


    thats all i have to say 😀

  2. maryam Says:

    i used to love that song back in the day (the original by salt n peppa, not the poopy one)

    i like this one better

  3. UTP Says:

    umm…wow!!! this I gotta tell my wife….she picks on me for having REALLY fascinating feelings about it also…

  4. Sheza Says:

    yeah, my hubby insists that a laptop was invented to be used in the washroom. he claims that its a man’s potpal (laptop spelt backwards!!)

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