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One of those mommy days.. March 4, 2008

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Yesterday was one of ‘those’ days for me. After having spent an entire week with the kids alone, I was looking forward to Imran’s day off on Monday. Sunday afternoon, as we were coming back from the playgroup, his technician called and said that the Niagara site was having issues and that Imran would have to go down to Niagara on Monday morning.

 “four hours max”, he promised as he kissed me goodbye at 6:30 am. I sneaked back into bed hoping to catch up on some precious sleep from the weekend

6:45 am. Eesa wakes up in his crankiest mood possible. Gave him breakfast, showered him and massaged him with baby oil. Still cranky. Doesn’t want to play with toys neither does he want to do his studying. Just wants to whine. (welcome to the club son!)

8:30am Hana wakes up crying like she needs to poop and it aint comin’. eventually I help her and get it all out. She refuses to drink milk and insists on simply crying endlessly.

And that set the tone for the rest of my day. By noon, I had a headache like never before. In the meantime I turned catty and mean (thanks mayg!) and was absolutely curt when my mil called, b*tchy when my friend tried to help me and absolutely over the top @%^&$&!! when hubby called to say he would be another 6 hours at the least. I unloaded all my stress onto a friend and then had nothing left to say to hubby when he got home(at 8 pm!), apart from putting the plate in front of him with a thudding emphasis and snapping at him for every word he said.  

This morning, I still feel gross, whiny and catty.  Poor hubby is hiding upstairs with the kids, trying to keep them out of my way. lol. I have the tune of ‘don’t talk to me argentina’ by maddonna humming in my head. Shaitaan is probably having a healthy feast and I feel like an @$$ for not doing anything about it.

Moral of the story? I don’t know! I think I just needed to vent some more before I actually got around to making a positive change to my mood.

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