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Joys of parenting.. March 4, 2008

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Hana’s been crying endlessly today. She’s been wanting to poop and nothing seems to help. She’s cried so much today that it became background music (hard rock, nothing less ofcourse!).

Suddenly, three minutes ago, she became quiet and then …. she let it all out. Loudly!

It was such a relief to see her do so, Imran and I actually gave each other a hug! It felt like a moment to celebrate!

Amazing how parenting can make you appreciate (and celebrate!) simple things like poop!


4 Responses to “Joys of parenting..”

  1. mayG Says:

    Ha! tell me about it! amazing indeed 😀

  2. hinamommy Says:

    YAY poop. I tell you… parenting is ALL about the poop. Too much is not good, too little is not good. We have to watch color, consistency, frequency… Hahahahaaa… baby poop is perhaps the most essential part of our lives 🙂

  3. Ayesha Khan Says:

    hahaha lol i love how you and Imran actually hugged – so cute mashaAllah

  4. Nadia Says:

    OK I need help.
    Baby Eman cries when trying to poop.. what do I do?!
    Oh and I should also ask all the mommies viewing this blog,..
    what to do about a gassy newborn baby???
    Sheza, message me on facebook too, in case I don’t get to visit ur blog soon.

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