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2 miles… February 27, 2008

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Ladies and gentleman, we have progress! alhamdolillah we have moved onto two miles today. So within 30 mins, alhamdolillah we’re able to accomplish a good two miles mashaAlllah. I was hoping to do a mile for a week before moving on to 2 miles. but for the 1 mile video, Leslie wears a blue top and for the 2 mile she wears pink. Pink being the new flair for Eesa, he insisted we do the two mile today. Alhamdolillah it felt GREAT! and yeah we clocked in 2000+ ticks right there on the pedometer! So if I’ve had 2000 ticks at 9am, i’m hoping to come close to 5k tonight iA. I’ll keep u guys posted on it!:P

We had a pretty serious booboo in the house last night. Eesa was helping me do the dishes while sitting on the counter. He got up to get the kitchen towel and fell off the counter, face first onto the tiles on the ground. When he got up, I was really scared for a moment coz his face was full of blood but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. Finally after washing up, I realized that it was coming from his nose and front two teeth and lips. Alhamdolillah he was being really brave and stopped crying when I told him its hurting me to see him this way. I was worried he might have broken his nose but he said his lips were hurting more. There was a pretty deep cut on his upper lip but alhamdolillah the bleeding stopped once i applied ice. I was scared i would have to take him to the hospital but with my CAS file closing just the week before, I really didn’t want to take a risk. Alhamdolillah, he’s much much better now. His upper lip is super swollen so it looks like donald duck pouting! lol.

Imo’s been in calgary since yest morning. Alhamdolillah I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been able to accomplish half of my list of to-do’s already. Before he left, the list looked so daunting, but mashaAllah its not sooo bad anymore. Since yesterday morning, I’ve been able to shine up the dishwasher, stove and fridge(never get stainless steel appliances, TRUST ME!), re-arrange my dishes in the kitchen cabinets, cook up everything i would need for dinner this week,  scrub out the front foyer tiles, wash all three washrooms (like REALLY wash, not the daily kind of stuff) and run three loads of laundry. All this while having attended two conference calls and having caught up on all the work related pending emails. Alhamdolillah!! I feel like an accomplished maid, err… mom! (arent those two interchangeable in North America, anyway?)

Alfalah has a qiyaam night for the guys so us girlies are having a sleepover at my place iA (with our babies ofcourse!) I’m totally looking forward to a girly night with tons of babies in the house iA! We were rarely allowed sleepovers whiel we were growing up and now that I’m grown and married – this is something I’m totally relishing! That and the fact that I can stay out for as long as I want.

I’ve got some piccys of Hana that Aasiya took at the halaqa at Nada’s place last Saturday. I was super excited coz I finally got a chance to take piccys with Hana, only to realize its without hijab and I can’t share them online. InshaAllah, i may just create an online album or something =P


7 Responses to “2 miles…”

  1. Ayesha Says:

    aww poor eesooo!! that mustve been soo scary!! give him a hug and kiss from me!
    congrats on the 2 miles!! mashaAllah thats awesome!

  2. hinamommy Says:

    Sorry to hear about Eesooo!! Hope he’s better now! And you… MashAllah… doing so much!! Making all us moms proud! Good job on the walking… did I mention I’m going to the gym 4 days a week? Must blog that too!!

    Hon, if you could, can you please keep in touch with my cousin? Her baby’s due any time, she’s all alone in Canada, any help would be much appreciated! Especially a kind ear on the phone to hear out her worries.

    Much love!

  3. maryam Says:

    doesnt the 2 mile walk give you such an energy rush? i feel great after doing it. and for the days im not totally up for a work out, i settle on a 1 mile so at least i get a decent work out

  4. UTP Says:

    There is nothing like the first steps of your kid…no bigger joy…and no bigger sadness either…cos soon they will be running AWAY from us also….sigh…

  5. umarah Says:

    oh sorry to hear about the accident.any yay that finished half of your tasks.

  6. jammie Says:

    oh my god- leave it to you and hina to make us other mommies feel unaccomplished 🙂 how MUCH do you do in a day hahah. mashallah though- quite an inspiration you serve as!!

  7. mayG Says:

    girl I just HAD to comment on your next post but you have them disabled!

    just wanted to send out a hug and a lil pat on the back… take it ez acha, it happens to the best of us 😀

    now don’t you sit there sulking on how you shouldn’t be feeling mean and catty when in fact you ARE feeling all that.. go ahead, vent some more, blog/ talk to a friend/ scream at the kids/argue with hubby.. for guess what, they’ll still love you all the same 🙂

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