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Walk away the pounds.. February 26, 2008

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So earlier today, I wrote about my pedometer barely ticking to 2000 yesterday. Well first thing this morning, Imo dropped us off at walmart while he went for a haircut. Nothing like shopping to get me walkin’! Even during my pregnancy, because of my varicose veins, I could barely walk before getting tired. But, boy! oh boy, did I walk everytime we used to go to Buffalo for shopping 😉 Even today, I was super motivated by the fact I only had 20 minutes before imo returned from his haircut, so I wanted to visually devour the entire store within that time frame and therefore walked from end to end as quickly as i could! After the trip to walmart AND a 20 minute workout, I only managed to get 4000 ticks on my pedometer. Alhamdolillah khair!

In other news, Imo’s off to Calgary tommorow. Which means that I’ll have plenty of time inshaAllah to tend to projects that I’ve been slagging on (trust me, I’ve got a list prepared!). Since I won’t have Imo to look forward to by 6pm, I’ve planned out a list of activities for Eesa for each day.  He’s at the age where he needs constant mental stimulation (otherwise he starts stirring mischief!). With all that I’ve got planned for him, hopefully by 7:30pm, inshaAllah he’d be pooped out and ready to crash out for the day inshaAllah.

Eesa’s been saying plenty of funny stuff lately. he’s started picking up on english and its funny hearing him talk. Whats most adorable is how he has his own vocabulary –  says ‘ess-cursize’ instead of exercise and ‘am-e-less’ instead of animals.


Today, while I was working out, he kept coming in front of me. During one of the routines, my feet hit him and my toe nail scratched him behind his knee. A bandaid gave him much satisfaction but it still kept giving him a burning sensation. A while after I put on the bandaid, he went to his baba and said: “Mama’s nail scratched me. It’s killing me!’ lol – it was positively adorable coming from a 3 yr old.


As for my MPM this week, well I don’t have much planned since Imo isn’t here. I really love having a menu planned coz it saves me time while doing grocery and the hassle of thinking everyday (and all mums know how much their mind is constantly reeling away with mental organization and planning anyway!). Here’s my list for the week(I’m just pasting it from my fridge list:P). I’ve added silly things like juice etc but that’s coz its focussed on Eesa and I want to ensure he gets vitamin D with calcium, iron with vitamin c etc etc :


  Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Oatmeal muffins

PB Quesadillas

1 cup OJ

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Sliced fruits

1 cup Milk

cucumber and carrot salad

Apple juice

moms place

Tuesday Fried egg


1 cup OJ

Egg sandwich


1 cup milk


1 cup apple juice

Pastrami Sandwich

Mushroom soup

Wednesday Cereal with milk  PB&J quesadilla

1 cup apple juice

Fruit slices

Orange juice

Herbed tuna sandwich

Brocolli soup

Thursday Spinach frittatas


Mushroom soup with crackers

1 cup apple juice 


1 cup OJ



Friday Rice crispies with strawberries Bean quesadilla with sour cream dip

1 cup apple juice

Crackers and cheese Rice daal and shaami kababs

1 cup milk

Saturday Ommelettes


Karahi chicken with roti

i cup apple juice

Yoghurt sticks

Toast pizzas

minestrone soup


6 Responses to “Walk away the pounds..”

  1. Mona Says:

    mmm, good stuff.
    and i love the idea of the pedometer. i wonder how many i’d clock in one day at work. 800?

  2. Ayesha Khan Says:

    ooooh a pedometer, I WANT ONE….where did you get it and how much?

  3. maryam Says:

    pbj quesadillas??? :S
    well ive never been a fan of pb and j anyways

  4. Sheza Says:

    Mona: i think ud clock in more than 800, its just abt leaving the house. theres only so much u can walk at home.

    ayesha: stepcounter.com

    maryam:eesa loves pb, so turning them into quesadillas is just another variation to it. i do that with nutella too.

  5. nisreen Says:

    you are so organized sheza – how do you manage to do it with two little ones?

  6. Sheza Says:

    nis: altho hubby calls me ‘monica-reincarnated’, trust me i sound more like her than i really am. we’re both really laid back but just try to keep up with the bare minimum, neccessary organizations so we could enjoy life the the max w/o being so into it that we miss out on life.

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