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Having two.. February 21, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — shezahasan @ 2:06 pm

Having two kids is very different from having just one. How? I’m stumped! I can’t put it into words yet. Help someone?!


3 Responses to “Having two..”

  1. maryam Says:

    double the trouble 🙂

  2. mayG Says:

    I really can’t contribute my bit until i have another one of my own 😉
    good luck wese!

  3. naymii Says:

    im not a mother.. but i think common sense led me to this statement.. basically cuz when theres no imran bhai around…
    there are two of them, and only one of you…
    cuz there are two kids with different needs and only one you to provide it…
    hugs to the kiddies…

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