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MPM and more.. February 20, 2008

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I have a great news. Alhamdolillah, Alhamdolillah, Alhamdolillah…. Eesa’s started reading. Its happened so fast, that I’m still trying to absorb it. It feels like only yesterday that we were going over the phonics… wasn’t he supposed to go all the way to Z before he started putting the letters together?? For most of you living in europe and Asia, 3 yrs seems like a LATE start on reading, but kids in North America start alphabet recognition at 4 and phonics at 5(kindergarten starts at 4!). Reading kicks in at late 5/6 – so I’m absolutely thrilled alhamdolillah that he’s had a head start at 3. What’s absolutely amazing is this sense of  accomplishment – the knowledge that I taught him THIS! alhamdolillah. I hope he develops a love for reading like his mama does.

The past two weekends was almaghrib so We were staying over at imo’s parents’ place. Maryam and zahid also took almaghrib this time around so beeloo was there as well. Since mom and bai attend their own classes on weekday mornings, I had three kids under 3.5 with me. it was CRAZY! I was constantly on my toes from 10-3 and my head felt like there were musicians constantly drumming and singing(crying!) in there.

Although Eesa’s the eldest of the three, sometimes i forget that he’s ONLY 3 and that I need to cut down my expectations from him. But because Hana’s soooo tiny, my expectations from him have suddenly quadrupled and I feel terrible that I end up getting annoyed and mad at him for things that are normal for any three year old, anyway. His behaviour went through a drastic change when we moved and then when Hana was born, but alhamdolillah he’s improving alot now and I have to give him credit for that and continue to remain patient with him.


Anyhow, coming to MPM for this week, I’m also planning out my breakfast menu since I find it a difficult meal to come up with spontaneous ideas for (no, i’m definitely not a morning person!)…

Monday: oatmeal muffins, maryam/z’s

Tuesday:  Eggs. Chicken & mushroom pie (didnt get a chance to make it last week)

Wednesday: Cereal. Whole chicken marinated in yoghurt seasoning with garlic bread

Thursday: cereal. Rice with Karhi. Seekh kababs

Friday: Peanut butter quesadillas. Broccolli and chicken pie. Cheese perogies.

As for my “mission organization” for this month’s organized living, well I’ve been procrastinating on it. I can’t get my head around to it yet. I know i’ve got to work on my desk sometime soon but its just not happening yet. Instead, I decluttered and cleaned out Imo’s closet, reorganized Eesa’s cutlery drawer in the kitchen, purged out on Eesa’s old clothes and washed out and hung hana’s new clothes. lol. Well, anything and everything BUT the desk.


I think I’m going to change my mission organization to Eesa’s room. All hsi picture frames etc have been sitting in a box in his closet ever since we moved. We were thinking of painting his room but didnt want to make it too baby-ish because his room also doubles up as a guest room. So we’ve decided to work with the current colour instead. InshaAllah I should be done this week, so look out for piccys next week!


4 Responses to “MPM and more..”

  1. Mona Says:

    that’s great, he’s reading 🙂
    and i love how you plan your menus. i’d love to have eat with you guys friday.

  2. mayG Says:

    MashaAllah, MashaAllah! great job with getting a 3yr old to start reading.. 3 is early everywhere in the world!

    and woah… take it easy on yourself with the mission organization you already seem to have your hands full 😀

  3. aasi maasi Says:

    i started tearing when u told me bout him readin on the phone.. hahaha… i was having flashbacks of him being so small n look at him now mashallah! May Allah increase him in knowledge, ameen.
    I think you should post tips on how you helped him to learn for other mommies that want to teach their babies 🙂 (sadia wants to know too.heehee)

  4. […] I finally managed to take pictures (AND download them off the camera) from Eesa’s room (I finally got around to putting his stuff up last month) but I’m using Imo’s laptop so I’ll put them up when I use mine. (they’re […]

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