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Big boy.. February 20, 2008

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Eesa insists that he should be called Bhaijaan. Not Eesa bhai, not ayya (what i really wanted!), not bhaiya and not even bhai. Bhaijaan, it must be.


Kids sleeping in their own bed calls for a more relaxed sleep, right? Wrong! I end up waking up every half hour or so, going into their room and putting a finger to their nose to check if they’re still breathing. (as if, there’s less oxygen in their rooms!?) By 4 am, I get exhausted and move them into my room anyway. By morning I vow not to bring them in again. But repeat from step A all over again!


Accidents in the bed. Not fun. He insists its the water from the water bed. Only problem is, we don’t have a water bed here. Only daadi and dada have it and I guarantee, it has no leaks!



7 Responses to “Big boy..”

  1. mayG Says:

    …and i thought i was the only neurotic one getting up with all the craziest of what ifs to check on the sleeping kid half a dozen times only to pull her right into bed with us eventually!

  2. Mona Says:

    oh goodness, i used to do that to my parents and siblings, make sure they’re still breathing.
    i don’t do that to hana and z though and i think that could be because they’re in the same room? :/
    also, eesoo’s so cute!

  3. maryam Says:

    lol, ive heard tons of excuses as to why his pants are wet. once he insisted it was juice, but there was no juice cup in sight. z said once jj asked him if he had to pee, and he said no, and 5 minutes later he was wet. so she asked him, didnt i just ask you 5 minutes b4 if you had to go, and he said ya but when you said it you reminded me.

    when b is in his own room, i just do all the duas and come in my room, i don’t go to check. if he’s on the floor in my room, and i look over at him and i can’t see his breathing movement cuz of the blanket, i just read down and check.

    you’re welcome to use our angel care monitor, it gave me much needed peace of mind when b was younger.

    and ayya? isn’t that a girls title?

  4. shezahasan Says:

    ayya, i meant it as a short form for bhaiya!

  5. aasi maasi Says:

    lol.. eesoo is such a character! i love it..
    post more of his funny sayings 😛

  6. Ayesha Says:

    ” I end up waking up every half hour or so, going into their room and putting a finger to their nose to check if they’re still breathing. (as if, there’s less oxygen in their rooms!?)”

    hahahaha sheza you seriously know how to crack me up….esp the whole less oxygen thing 😀
    dont worry tho, my mom still checks up on us at night sometimes to make sure we’re ok and no one has kidnapped us or something

  7. shezahasan Says:

    lol maryam, technology just doesnt cut it for me yet. as mayg said, we’re just plain neurotic, i’d probably wake up to check if the battery on the angel care is working or not.

    lol, yeah ayesha, i put like chairs and what nto infront of hana’s balcony door. even at the hospital, i would sleep with hana and eesa next to me incase someone tried to kdinap them. so each time, there’d be imo and i with a new born on that tiny hospital bed. lol

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