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MPM and more.. February 10, 2008

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Alhamdolillah, warm water has been helping tons. I’ve been gargling once every hour with warm water (as hot as your throat can take it) and salt (this is an amazing disinfecting concotion!!) and drinking only warm water and no juices etc. Alhamdolillah, I think another two days and inshaAllah, I should be as good as new! =)

I mentioned previously that I would be MPMing from this week inshaAllah. Here is my MPM for this week. Feel free to do yours and leave a message with a link to yours!

Monday: Cream of brocolli soup and shepherd’s pie

Tuesday:  Chicken, mushroom pie

Wednesday: Tacos and taco salad

Thursday: arabian night: fatoush, chicken shawarma and falafels

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Almaghrib/moms!

 This month, My envira challenge is to recycle properly. Anything and everything!!

And in organized living, I will be working on my bedroom this month. I HATE the desk area in my room and will post before, after pics as i do itinshaAllah!

Whats your goal this month?


6 Responses to “MPM and more..”

  1. hinamommy Says:

    How do you have time to make all these meals?? I hope you’re going to post recipees!

    My MPM for all weeks goes something like this:
    Sunday: Chicken
    Monday: Keema
    Tues: Veg
    Wed: Meat
    Thurs: Order in
    Friday/Sat: Leftovers and Eat out


    We just moved, so everything is quite clean and tidy for now.
    And my envira challenge will be to preserve water – and encourage the family to do the same.

    See you next week!

  2. maryam a. Says:

    mmm yummy menu…

    check out my blog 4 mine..: http://www.ummasiyah.blogspot.com

  3. maryam Says:

    alhamdulillah, we’ve been green for a while. since we moved into our apt we’ve been staunch recyclers and we used to conserve water and energy (which was a challenge at times since we knew we weren’t charged by consumption). since we moved to our home, we’ve continued those traditions and try to conserve more water and energy (which is easier now since we know we have to pay for what we use). we replaced every single bulb with energy savers and bought reusable bags at loblaws and no longer use plastic bags. i try to remember to take the bags with me to every store so that i can use those instead of getting more plastic bags (even though they are free). i also try to reduce the amount of packaging from stores (free tissue paper, free gift boxes, etc) if i don’t need it since it adds to our waste. i’m praying milton hydro switches us to smart meters soon so we can conserve (and save) more as well Inshallah. also for gift giving, i try to use it in gift bags i already have as opposed to boxes and gift wrap that usually get thrown out after one use, as the bags can be reused.

    as for meal plans, it’s a work in progress. i saw tons of yummy recipes while sifting through my magazines so i plan to sit down with z one evening (when he’s hungry so he’s more enticed) and get him to put a post-it on every recipe he’d want me to make, and then i’m gonna make a list of it and decide my menu from there. i’m bored of making the same old things and wanna try something new.

  4. naymii Says:

    loving the menu n thursday’s in particular..!!
    save me some alrite..?? lol

  5. Maryam's mom Says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum

    I have to clean off my desk too. I bought wall shelves from CT to hang for this purpose. Haven’t put them up yet.
    But I did paint my room and hang new curtains.

  6. maryam a. Says:

    haha.. my mom 😉 …PS- I’m working on your curtains right now mom loool

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