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2 month check up.. February 7, 2008

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We went for Hana’s two month check up yesterday. Alhamdolillah everythings going well and she’s on track with everything mashaAllah. Hana also got her first set of immunizations. She barely cried mashaAllah – just with the pinch and then rolled out her lips and whimpered. Eesa, on the other hand, was super anxious to get some shots. Despite seeing Hana cry with the pinch of each needle, he was soo desperate to get one. infact, he even went and lay down on the bed to get a shot and was sooo upset when we forced him to leave the office without one. (I also volunteered to pinch him with a needle once we got home, but he refused) 


Imo and I are both obsessively anti medications. Even with Eesa we had decided to not to give him medications until absolutely neccessary and to let him fight out everything as naturally as possible. We’ve never taken flu shots for ourselves and therefore politely declined when the hospital offered to give her rotavirus shots(very much recommended by Ontario Health these days) at three months. Despite tylenols being used as freely as toilet paper these days, alhamdolillah, Eesa’s barely had tylenol twice or thrice in his life mashaAllah – (Yes I know I sound inhumane by saying this but i’m not the kind to give it before immunization shots either!). Even vitamin D, we gave it to him after he was two months because we knew he was getting enough from sunlight but stopped by the time he was 5 mths. Gripe water, on the other hand, he drank like no tommorrow! lol. (Hana is taking vitamin D right now but only on days when its gloomy and will stop by the time she is 3 mths iA)

Alhamdolillah, we’ve been lucky to have an awesome paediatrician as well mashaAllah. We’d talked it out with him during Eesa’s immunization process and had let him know that we only want the ESSENTIAL immunizations (theres some that you have to give or else your kids arent allowed in schools) and want him to fight out other stuff like chicken pox and measles as naturally as possible – (we, his parents, did it too, didnt we?). Recent reports have also shown links between autism and vaccinations so i’m all the more picky now with medications. And its not just with the kids, we too dont believe in taking antibiotics etc for stuff like chest or throat infections either – natural, it is!! (Yeah, I know some of you might be cringing and thinking its inhumane to put ourselves through it, but honestly it’s what we find to be a healthier option and above everything, this is what works best for us).


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  1. Anon Says:

    This is difficult to believe considering how pro-epidural you are…you know the effect that has on newborns right?

  2. shezahasan Says:

    Anon: Better believe it, its as true as it gets!!

    as for the epidural, i took it after going thru 27 hours of labour pains and a mere 3cm dilation after all that. It had come to the point where, due to exhaustion, I’d fall asleep between contractions and wake up with the pain every 5 mins.

    And after having had Hana naturally, inshaAllah if I have more and if theres no complications, itd be natural too inshaAllah. I think I feared the cuts and stitching up more than the labour pains. And now that I’ve gone thrugh it once, I know i can take it inshaAllah. Maybe my post implies we dont take medicines at all, we really do, but not just for tiny lil things as most ppl do. perils of free health care, maybe?

  3. aasi maasi Says:

    mashaAllah.. good choice.. i totally agree with everything you said….

    btw, its not true that your kids cant go to school if their not immunized… all you have to do is sign a paper that says you wont send them if there is an outbreak of the thing theyre not immunized against 😉

    and… i wanna come to your pead!

    *kisses for the babies*

  4. Nadia Says:

    Salaam Sheza!

    I kinda agree with you. I would think that I’m pro-medicine, but at the same time I wouldn’t want to give my child MMR exactly at 12 months, I’d wait it out a bit & give the kid time to develop stronger immunity because of all the link between Autism & the 12 month vaccination. (this topic scares me too).
    I think it’s a good idea for Talal to get his flu shots b/c he’s in the hospital all day long, every flu & cold season..but I don’t take them because not all colds are viral during cold season.
    MashAllah you’re doing such a wonderful job!!

  5. mayG Says:

    Hey there Sheza,

    I soo agree with you, these medicines cause as much harm as they do good…
    My two year-old has never had an antibiotic in her life up till now.. Alhamdulillah to that, and that too is because I have grown up seeing all these Homeopathic doctors in my family and have absolute faith in the treatment.
    My husband wasn’t one to think it ever worked but just a few times of seeing how they work instantly he is a believer!

    I would recommend homeopathic treatments to all mothers for their babies at least, the best thing about it is that if you get the right the medicine according to the condition, it works instantly or it just flushes out of the system causing no harm.

    Oh and thanks for the encouragement 😉 I’m so confused.. a little push in the right direction is just what I need..

  6. maryam Says:

    i just read about the link of mmr to autism yesterday. i never knew about that! i’m trying to look into more about the side effects of vaccinations, so if you find any info, please pass it on my way.
    i know some vaccines have monkey serum in them (my bro looked it up).

    also, we all plan to home school anyways so don’t think the non vaccination would be a problem.

    btw i thought you weren’t gonna vaccinate hana

  7. shezahasan Says:

    aasi: start stalking him, he prays at isna 😉 sarah plans to get her hubby to stalk him..lol.

    mayg: we grew up on homeopathic too, but the presence of cortizone and alcohol bothers me a lil. Alhamdolillah i can get my uncle to avoid cortizone, but not the alcohol 😦 Alhamdolillah eesa’s never used antibiotics either – despite having been prescribed once in pk.

    nadia: mmr’s are another story altogether. even with eesa, we delayed mmr’s to 18mths and did everything 6 mths late from there on.

    Maryam: I do plan to homeschool inshaAllah, but at some point I want him to be able to enter mainstream schooling. i was always going to vaccinate hana, but only on the most important and required ones. Not stuff like measles etc.

  8. Umm Abdullah Says:

    Assalaamu Alaykum,

    Actually, in addition to the ‘probable’ correlation between vaccinations and autism, if you take a look at the ingredients found in the most common vaccinations given to young children, you might just forgo giving it to your loved one altogether. If the connection between the two is true, then maybe the ingredients are the reason why! Allahu ‘Alim.

    Take a look at the following website which I’ve linked below. It contains a list of vaccine ingredients, including the chemicals/heavy metals and animal/human byproducts (… yes, human!) that are found in [some] vaccines. I might post later with some more information, Insha’Allah.


    Hugs to the little ones, Sheza!

    – Mannam’s SIL ^_^

  9. Ayesha Khan Says:

    i totally agree with you Sheza and Im sooo confused as to what to do, I just hope and pray for a good dr. that would support me in my decision and help me find alternate methods

    but alhamdulillah Allah has given us the answer to everything, before I make any decision, I plan to do istikhara and ask Allah for guidance, in the end Allah is the only one who knows the future and everything happens with the will of Allah.

  10. Sheza Says:

    hehe amen to that ayesha. i think maryam (Maryam D: was it you or someone else?) mentioned that oprah covered the links between vaccinations and autism on her show too. And its no wonder that canada has such a high rate of autistic kids too.

    S asked me why we give kids vitamin D. well in canada, because of the gloomy winter months, kids don’t get enough absorption of sunlight (which produces vitamin D-somethign vital for our body’s immunity esp for kids who dont get suplemmental immunizations. if i remember correctly, it also helps with bone growth and calcium balance).

  11. Nadia Says:

    Talal (my hubby) was telling me how women especially have an incredibly high deficiency of vitamin D in the US.
    Not enough sunlight I guess and maybe it’s the lack of vitamin D via sunlight along with our lifestyles.
    …but yea you NEED vitamin D for calcium absorption.
    This whole winter I’ve been taking calcium pills like 4 times a day for my bad back (my pregnancy is depleting my bones of calcium)..along w/ vitamin D pills.
    Can’t wait for summer time & sunshine =)

  12. maryam Says:

    ya that was me, the link for the oprah thing on mmr vaccine and autism is http://www.oprah.com/tows/slide/200709/20070918/slide_20070918_350_101.jhtml

    i had discussed vitamin d with jay (my midwife) and i never ended up giving it to b…mainly cuz most had animal based gelatin.

  13. shabina Says:

    Assalaamu ‘alayki,
    So what vaccines have u given your kids thus far and which ones have u refrained from? Did u refrain from the MMR? Or are u up to date on all of them? Let me know inshaa Allaah.
    barakAllaahu feeki
    wassalaamu ‘alayki

  14. maryam a. Says:

    yup i agree.. baby asiyah has had no shots so far or medications .. i have given her tylonol when she was teething but it was really a last resort.. usually just put orajel on her gums

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