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The scare.. January 13, 2008

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Hana scared the living daylights out of us today. For the past few days, all of us have been going through a bout of cold with a stuffy nose and chest, accompanied by a cough.

 Today, however, Hana seemed exceptionally listless and weak. By midafternoon she lost her voice and refused to drink milk. She seemed to be having alot of trouble breathing so we called telehealth (a network of ontario registered nurses) who said to increase giving her saline. We tried saline drops and vaporizer, but while her nose wasn’t running, nothing much else wasnt changing. Soon her colour started to pale out and i noticed that her neck and stomach muscles were contracting into cavities each time she inhaled. Therefore we decided to take her to ER at Credit valley(hospital she was born at).

We were scared it would take hours, but alhamdolillah they took us in right away. With in 20 minutes (after a pre-screening by a registered nurse), she was admitted and about an hour later she was checked up by a doctor.

As soon as she was admitted and moved into her room, her colour seemed to be getting better and she wasn’t listeless anymore. Infact, she was suddenly moving her arms and legs and observing the lights and metal rods in the room. It was as though, suddenly she had cured herself. However, when the nurse saw her crying, she saw what we were talking about (her voice was still missing and breathing was hoarse). They monitored the oxygen through her feet and it was perfect alhamdolillah. Infact, even imran and I were shocked because we hadn’t seen her with this much energy in two days. Alhamdolillah, nonetheless. The nurse told us to bring her in again if her fever went over 38C and then discharged us.

Alhamdolillah, through this experience I really came to appreciate two things:

1. Telehealth services – an AWESOME free service by the government of Ontario that has been most helpful. It feels great knowing that I can call up and speak with a nurse at ANYTIME. I’ve called them up as late as 5 am during my pregnancy (abt whether or not i can take advil instead of tylenol). They are most helpful and answer questions regarding what medications are allowed and what aren’t. They do a pre-screening over the phone and tell you what signs to look for and even offer some home remedies (eg home made saline solutions).

2. Dr Shuja – Our peadiatrician since Eesa’s birth. He’s an EXCELLENT man mashaAllah. The best thing about him is the fact that he empowers the parents with the how-to’s. When Eesa was sick he told us to look out for certain signs before going to E.R and that knowledge helped us out today. As soon as we saw the cavities forming in Hana’s throat and stomach as she was breathing, we didn’t wait any longer and took her in. He also explains the causes and ways to prevent stuff in the future as opposed to simply relying on medicines to clear out the symptoms without eliminating the problem at its root. He’s just as holistic and anti-medications as we are. He doesn’t believe in useless vaccinations (eg rotavirus etc) and best of all, because he’s become a family friend now, we can call him anytime during the day and he’d ease our concerns over the phone.

Alhamdolillah for the lil mercies that come our way in the most unexpected ways. We met Dr Shuja Hafiz in a very random way. His wife, Salma used to study with Imran’s aunt at a time when I was 6 months pregnant with Eesa and couldn’t find a female gynae. When Salma heard this, she told her husband (a peadiatrician) and he immediately referred me to a female gynae he worked with. That’s how we found Dr Levielle who was our doctor that delivered Eesa and Hana both. Later on, I started teaching Salma and we became good friends (from being complete strangers). Dr Hafiz and Imran too mashaAllah get along really well and can spend hours together despite their age differences. Dr Levielle has also been most helpful in taking on a few of my other friend who weren’t able to find a female gynae either.

God does indeed have miraculous ways of blessing us in our lives.


4 Responses to “The scare..”

  1. aasi maasi Says:

    talk to him (dr.hafiz) bout accepting yusuf plz!!!!!!!!!

    alhamdulillah, glad to hear lil princess is okay
    youre in our duaas 😉

  2. Mona Says:

    alhamdolillah, hana’s okay, that sounds crazy scary. i would have panicked alright. i wish they’d do the tele-thing here too.

  3. shabina Says:

    Alhamdulillaah she’s ok… it does sound rather scarie subhan Allaah. Allaah does have mysterious ways of protecting His slaves and may He make us those of the shakireen at all times aameen! Hugs to ure kiddies from this side of the world!

  4. naymii Says:

    my poor baby..!!
    i hope shes ok now..
    mann.. my heart is still there.. its like i cant concentrate on nething here.!! ughhhh!!
    come soon ok?

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