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Nayh-muh gawn =( January 12, 2008

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Nayma Khala left today. =(

 Having her around had been HUGE for me. MashaAllah’s she’s one of those no expectation type of people, who’d do everything for you while expecting lil, or nothing, in return. In the past month, I barely got a chance to do anything for her, while she helped me out endlessly with Hana and Eesa both. Nayma, we’ll miss you! =(

In other news, remember when I told you about me having PPD? Well, now Children’s Aid has been involved and we’ve been having ‘surprise’ visits from them. Alhamdolillah, I appreciate their support and involvement but the first visit was a SURPRISE. I couldn’t believe it and was soo scared. Mjuch of my fear was from the stories that I’ve heard from my past clients, but alhamdolillah once I told the lady that I’m a counsellor myself and work at ARISE, she relaxed like 10 notches and wasn’t as aggressive as before. Alhamdolillah its been going on fine so far. Both of us still maintain a fairly bittersweet relationship – mainly for the sake of the kiddos.


2 Responses to “Nayh-muh gawn =(”

  1. naymii Says:

    aww.. i miss yuu guys too.!!
    i miss yuu guys soo much..
    it was soo random.. last night
    i went to sleep n then i woke up twice.. cuz I dreamt that Hana was crying so i got up to feel where she was cuz it was dark.. n then i realized that she wasnt there =( i barely slept after that.. =(
    newayz come soon pweez.. i misses yuu =(
    hugs to both of em.. i luv ya loads..

  2. aasi maasi Says:

    i will miss nayma too 😦 come back soon!

    😐 thats weird bout CAS??? umm.. im not sure what to say about it … hmmm….

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