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Bringing home the baby.. January 7, 2008

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Changes since we’ve had Hana with us:

  • Eesa’s become alot more independent. He just made him self a bagel and cream cheese sandwich ALL by himself. I have always kept his fave food within his reach, but he would never actually take the effort to ‘make’ himself anything apart from putting rice krispies and milk together. He’d usually opt for pretzels or craisins or other snacks that I keep for him over there.
  • I’ve been going out less often and having people over more often.
  • Shopping is impossible. Nayma and I tried twice, but right when we get there, Hana suddenly decides to get hungry and dirties her diaper, even though we’d just gone through the process right before leaving. By the time we’re done feeding and changing her (a good 45 mins!), Eesa is cranky and wants to go home. We drag him to stores, but its not fun.
  • I can no longer go without a nap in the afternoon. I NEED them.
  • When I thought I couldn’t possibly love Eesa more than I did, I’ve started to actualize my love for him even more. Amazing is the capacity within a womans heart – with a new one to tug at my heart strings, I should be maxxed out, right? But subhanAllah, I’m enjoying every lil bit of it with both of them and to a level I couldnt possibly imagine. Eevery time i Realize this, I have to stop and catch my breath all over again.
  • I miss the time Eesa and I shared together. Although the quality of our time together has improved now, I miss being able to prepare everything for him the night before and then sitting with him while he did a ‘lesson’ or the joy of ‘discovering’ a website together. Nowadays, its all impromptu work. I just go to any of the websites I had compiled and let him do the work on his own.

3 Responses to “Bringing home the baby..”

  1. Ayesha Says:

    aww you always bring tears to my eyes with your words (and my hormones help :P)

    dont worry about not being able to spend as much time with eesa, hanas still really young, when she gets a lil’ older you will be able to have more time with him – and alhamdulillah he’s getting more independant, thats amazing that he made himself a bagel with cream cheese!! – so therefore you not spending as much time with him is having a good affect on him 😀 – we need more paki guys in the world that can cook for themselves 😛

  2. aasi maasi Says:

    totally agree with ayeshas comment!
    good job on training eesoo to be a good hubby iA 😉 lol

  3. chachi Says:

    im back now so you can always drop the kiddos off here for a quick shoppin spree

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