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Mommyhood on the go! January 5, 2008

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I know I haven’t been posting much lately. But as you can guess, Eesa and Hana combined have my hands completely tied up. Alhamdolillah, its been amazing to watch both of them grow up. Eesa’s starting to get used to Hana by now – he’s asking me to call up “Hana’s mommy”, to take her back, less often now and indulges in more loving (and less choking) kisses now (hinamommy assures me its completely normal – thanks mommy bible!) I’ve learnt the best way to stop his agression towards her is to make him responsible for her. The moment he starts kissing her aggressively, I ask him if he wants to hold her. All of a sudden, he becomes a good big brother and behaves perfectly well mA. Infact he notices stuff like how tiny her tongue or nails are and goes ‘aww!’

Imo’s returned to work and will inshaAllah be working more from his office rather than home for the next few weeks. Having him out for the past few days has been tough and I have no clue how I’ll cope once Nayma leaves. Alhamdolillah its not so bad with Hana, but MashaAllah Eesa is super intelligent and needs constant mental stimulation or else he starts stirring trouble by being naughty.

On Thursday, Nayma had a day out with friends and I was on my own with the two of them. Hana, Eesa, Nayma and I have been having throat infections and both Hana and I have been running a fever on and off so it was going to be a tough day. Alhamdolillah the day went by fairly smoothly though by 7 pm, I was EXHAUSTED. I had invited imran’s siblings and cousins over for a game night with pictionary and taboo but i was out like a tubelight. I’ve never been known to sleep early but for the past three days, i can’t stay up beyond 10pm.

Now Hana’s looking at me as though she wants me to hold her, I can’t resist.. so off i go:P


One Response to “Mommyhood on the go!”

  1. Mona Says:

    hope you’re all doing better now.
    and haha, welcome to the club of the early-sleepers. 🙂
    we might be boring but hey, atleast, we’re well-rested. wait, actually, we’re not. thanks to the babies. but. um.
    never mind.
    just, welcome to the club, okay?

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