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Life.. December 22, 2007

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it seems to be going so much faster, this second time around – leaving me feeling like a thirsty traveller being drowned with a barrel of water – just not able to take it all in! Life is suddenly so much busier with two around. Where my day goes, I have absolutely NO idea.

I’m sure its got something to do with an angelic 2 week old who makes mama feel like a cow-on-demand! I’ve been smitten, I tell you -> it’s love all over again. MashaAllah. Imo and I feel like we can sit and watch her endlessly, for hours at an end. She’s just like Eesa was, calm and peaceful – until she gets hungry, that is! But I know what takes up most of my time with her – dressing her up, mismatching her clothes and then accessorizing her. Ah! the joys of knowing the gender during pregnancy.. I was able to shop alot more, yes gender specifically, and therefore, absolutely LOVE dressing her up with everything.

Life’s also busy because my 3 yr old pre-schooler has inherited a sudden burst of energy from a mysterious somewhere. Its got something to do with it being a digustingly, gloomy winter – and us being inside most of the time because of Hana. Eesa’s constantly on his feet, upto something or the other. This has led both Imo and I to promptly enroll him for swimming classes and story time/reading classes to help dispense some of his excess energy supply these days.

Eid pictures to follow..


2 Responses to “Life..”

  1. hinamommy Says:

    Aaaaaahhh the “second time around”. To tell you the truth, I felt things moved much faster with Iman. This time I get a chance to absorb the moment. And I know what you mean… staring at her endlessly, marvelled at the fact that she’s there.

    Can’t wait to see the Eid pics, I’m sure you had Hana in something lovely!!

  2. Mona Says:

    hurry with the eid pics. can’t wait to see what the kids were in.

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