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Welcoming Hana.. December 15, 2007

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I wish I could describe the feeling. All I’ve been telling Imran is that I’m feeling this intense inner sense of hapiness and contentment that is simply too hard to describe or express in words. Alhamdolillah, Allah has been most Merciful and everything seems too perfect to be true – I feel scared typing it, in fear that all this may get jinxed just by me saying it out loud.

As you all know, we were blessed with Hana last week on Tuesday. It happened so fast and perfectly MashaAllah. What felt like a backache when I woke up suddenly had Hana in my arms by early afternoon. Not without alot of drama, mind you!

We thought we’d have her in the car, on the way to the hospital. Then we were so sure we’d be pulled over for speeding. Then the nurses were sure I’d deliver before Imran could find parking – but I was stubborn, I wanted that epidural and refused to push. Finally Imran came, but I wanted to wait for the epidural. Hana prooved to be a step ahead of mum and the water broke. I was in a panic, but she came out fast mashaAllah. Then Baba, the sweetheart that he is, passed out – creating another great panic scene. Alhamdolillah though, he recovered within a few minutes.

At home, Alhamdolillah things have been great. We stayed home during the first week but since Monday we’ve been having appointments in Sauga so we stayed with imo’s parents from sunday evening till thursday evening.

 My experience with Dr Levielle was just as great this time alhamdolillah. Peel region has introduced alot of extensive care options now and the nurses have been great. Hana has also already been checked by her paediatrician and ontario health nurses and inshaAllah on monday we’ll be having her nurse visit us at home. Its a little like the midwifery system but still far less personal.

Everyone’s been asking me what having two kids is like. It’s different. Suddenly I feel older and alot more tied up. Getting anywhere on time means starting to get ready an hour and half in advance – 20 mins for the drive plus an hour some to get all four of us ready. Hana must be changed last, because it is almost guaranteed she will poop right before we have to leave. Likewise, Eesa also HAS to pack up his entire collection of books, toys and videos into small bags to be carried with him to where ever it may be that we’re going.


2 Responses to “Welcoming Hana..”

  1. Ayesha Says:

    aww mashaAllah wonderful story, may Allah always keep you at peace and with that feeling of contentment in your heart 😀

    im assuming baba is imran?

    so what would you say is better, epidural or no epidural….?

    so how is eesa with everything?

  2. maryam Says:

    mashAllah that was nice 🙂

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