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Funny Eesa quotes December 15, 2007

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Eesa’s been saying some funny stuff lately and I really want to record them. Some of these might not be funny to you guys, but I’m only writing them out as a keepsake for his memory – something perhaps only him and i could look back and laugh about.


Last night, Eesa’s arm got hurt while playing with his chacha. It was nothing serious, just some pain in his muscles. So he came upstairs (where I was feeding Hana) and goes:

 “Mummy, Chachoo ne hamara arm kill kar diya!!’ (Mummy, chachoo killed my arm – instead of ‘hurt my arm’).


 I’ve been teaching him the concept of being aware of everything we do because Allah swt is with us and watches us all the time.

Me: Eesa, don’t go down. Mama will be alone upstairs.

Eesa (with a raised eyebrow!): ‘aap akele nai ho, Allah hai aapke saath’. ( You’re not Alone, Allah (swt) is with you!)


Me: ‘Eesa, may I have one of those plz’ (referring to a chip from his box of pringles)

Eesa: (Not wanting to share) ‘aapko aaj subah khansi hoi thi, aap nahi kha sakte’ ( you coughed this morning, you can’t have this!).


5 Responses to “Funny Eesa quotes”

  1. naymii khala Says:

    hes soo adorable..!
    i cant wait to see him tomorrow inshAllah..!!
    im soo happy..!!
    giv him a BIG hug frm his favourite khala 😉

  2. Ayesha Says:

    HAHAHHAHAHHA!!! mashaAllah he’s such a cutie AND sooooooo hilarious!!!
    esp. the chips thing!! LOL!! i totally used to say stuff like that when i didnt wanna share 😀

  3. hinamommy Says:

    Oh! The things they say… some days don’t you wish you could tape EVERYTHING?? Just because it’s all so witty and memorable, but you’re scared that you might forget??

  4. Nadia Says:

    awwww it’s so cute mashAllah. I’m glad you’re writing it down. Stuff like this is so memorable… it was so cute how he said u’re not alone Allah swt is with u.. awwww mashAllahhhh!!

  5. maryam Says:

    haha mashAllah I love it, you should add the one where he said his fav colour is pink and he’s a girl 😉 hehe

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