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Showtime =) December 4, 2007

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Chachi here…so we all know what that means. Imran called me this morning around 10 asking if Eesa could come over for a bit as Sheza was having pains. I guess Eesa couldn’t wait for his litter sister so he was climbing all over Mama who then started having pains. Eesa came at 10:30 and enjoyed a bath with Belaal and was ready and on stand by for Mama and Baba to pick him up and head to the hospital. Sheza is delivering at Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga Inshallah, so Eesa will be dropped off at Dadi’s house which is much closer than ours, so he can go visit his new sister Inshallah.

It is now noon, and Sheza and Imran just picked up Eesa and are heading over to Mississauga.

Stay tuned for updates. Please do not call their cells (which will be turned off anyways), to respect their privacy.


3 Responses to “Showtime =)”

  1. Zainab Says:

    YAY!!! AN EARLY BABY inshaAllah! THIS is exciting. You are in our du’aas. May Allah azza wa jal make this easy for you, give you patience through this time, and may you bring home with you a healthy baby girl inshaAllah!

  2. nayma Says:

    OMG! all the action without me? so much for concentrating on my exams right? lol newayz
    OMG SHEZI!! ur a mommy again!! OMG im an AUNT again.. well almost..!! inshaAllah..
    how dare u not tell me u were in labour huh? lol stupid question.. i knw.. but the excitement has kinda made me grow blonde hair on my head.. not like it didnt previously exist but yee.. lol..
    (clearly hyper :p)
    OMG i wanna be there so badly rite now..!!!
    did she not read the nice letter i wrote to ehr yesterday???
    ill see u in 10 days inshAllah..!!
    i hope ur safe n gud by thenn.!!
    i still cant believe it..!!!
    i need to calm down..
    im supposedd to be writing an essay or better yet be sleepin cuz its kinda late.. but im hea commenting on this cuz im so hyper.. jeez..!!!
    now u knw why pakistan mite hav an earthquake in the next few days..!!
    OMG OMG OMG!!..
    may Allah protect u and my niece-to-be inshALlah..
    give her my love..!!
    im sure eesoo s excited..
    i mean IM jumping with joy.. he must be on the roof sumwhere..!!
    ur having a baby gurl..!!
    great..!! im crying now too..!!
    i wanna be there rite noww..!!
    i hav a lab practical in 12 hrs..!!
    u think i can go to toronto.. see u n cum bak in that time? lol
    im outt.. got an essay to finish..
    take care
    may Allah protect u both and help u both out.. ameen

  3. Ayesha Says:

    ok nayma your clearly nuts! lol but thats ok, its baby time, it makes everyone nuts 😀

    congratz to you sheza and imran!

    shezii, i know you wanted to have her early, so Alhamdulillah, your prayers were answered!!

    May Allah make the labour easy for you, inshaAllah there will be no complications and inshaAllah lil’ freesia will be healthy and normal and grow up to be pious and have the best imaan…ameen

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