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Mama’s Lodge.. December 2, 2007

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Dearest Freesia,

My lil precious doll, plzzzzzzzz come on out soon. I know its comfy in there coz it feels like you’re having a party in there every night. Baba and I watch you create endless waves and bumps on my tummy throughout the day. Sometimes, we can’t stop laughing at how obnoxious and unproportionate my tummy looks when you roll to a side or the other.

I can’t remember your big brother doing half the things you have done to me already. But that’s whats so special about you – you’re you!

Your baba has been helping mama out throughout the house, making preparations for you. He has secretly been surprising mama with the clothes he’s been finding for you. Mama was dissappointed she couldnt get THE take me home outfit for you, but with a lil mix and match effort, we have pulled together a perfect outfit for you;) Even mama has a matching one to you!!

Eesoo peesoo can’t wait for you to come either. He’s a lil skeptical about sharing his space, and mum and dad, but I’m sure we’ll do fine once you arrive inshaAllah. Every little while, he makes plans of things we’d do when you’re here. Yesterday we had snowfall and he’s eager to spend time climbing the slope in the backyard with you! He’s already made plans to move into your crib in your room. He is kindly and generously willing to share some space in the room with you – as long as you’re in the bassinet! We had initially planned to keep the bassinet in our room, but as a kind gesture, he’s insists that we let the bassinet stay in your room!

With the amount of braxton hicks and cramps I’ve had over the last few weeks, I would have assumed you’d be here by now. Although I have a million and one things to finish up for school, work and home, I know that once you arrive, none of it would matter!

Despite only a week or so to go before you arrive, I feel great. Apart from the fact, i just want to stay home and nest all day, it feels awesome knowing how much i can accomplish everyday – Alhamdolillah.

Can’t wait to finally hold you in our arms, cuddle in with you and hug you tightly. We know we will love you to bits and pieces, coz we already do!

love, Mama


6 Responses to “Mama’s Lodge..”

  1. Naymii Says:

    aww.. thats cute..
    now heres my version..!!
    Dearest Freesia,
    I cant wait till you come outside and see the world around uu.. i promise i will TRY and be a better aunt than i have previously been with your brother, and learn from the many mistakes i have made.. but hey im still human rite?
    i cant wait to hold u in my arms and see who you resemble.. and everything else..
    also, i know how much ur mommy wants u to come out as soon as possible and she will also kinda hate me for this, but would you mind partying in there till i kinda get there.. i wanted to see your mommy in her pregnancy.. i never got around to seeing her in the later months of her pregnancy with eesoo so yee.. newayz.. im not stopping u.. cum out whenever u feel like it.. jus cum out n be a healthy and happy lil niece for me aite? 🙂
    newayz.. Im sitting here, thousands of miles away from uu, but u are amongst the only things on my mind.. what i need to buy for u cuz of ur mommy, presents from me to u and ur brother.. clothes, accessories, toys, and pretty much anything else that wud be meant for uu..
    im supposed to be studying about enzymes and their reactions with pepsin but all i can think about is how much im going to love uu, how much im going to play with uu, everythign im going to do for uu (so long as u dont pee on me its all gud =D) i cant wait to see u grow into ur own individual just like eesoo…
    i cant wait to hear ur voice crying for your mother or food or whatever it is that you will want. as long as im around, i promise ill give u everything u want as long as ur mommy n daddy dont hav a problem with it.. (n if they do.. ill find a way of working around it.. :p)
    anyways take care inside there, i know its cozy in there but uve got aunts and uncles and parents and a sibling and a cousin and grandparents and greatgrandparents and great aunts and many many many MANY more people u dont know exist…
    oh and take care of ur mommy.. shes a fragile and precious older sis of mine.. 🙂
    may you be everything ur parents prayed ud be and much much more.. ameen
    oh and dont bug ur mama too much.. thats my job aite? 😉
    take care..
    luv ya loads..
    -naymii khala

  2. shaima Says:

    actions speak louder than words NAYMAAAAA..lol u two such drama queens..n uve made me popular for it..i dunno y!

  3. shaima Says:

    freesia..ill show u hun wat real “‘aunty’lurve” is;)

  4. chachi Says:

    step aside khalas….the chachi will show what real aunty love is like 😉

  5. Ayesha Says:

    OK, girls!! CHILL!! lol stop the hair pulling and fighting, there will be more than enough lil’ freesia to go around, and the more love she has the better she will be for it 😀

    btw, the letters are both really really really cute!!

    when you arriving nayma?

  6. nayma Says:

    u can say that.. shaim n mannam.. i still rock so yee :p 😉
    n im coming on the 15 i think.. lol

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