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Hanging on.. Week 39 December 1, 2007

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As I mentioned, Imran was off to Dryden this week for his trip from work. I fully took advantage of this time to stay offline and catch up with most of everything that I had pending in the house before the baby arrives.

Alhamdolillah, apart from the crib skirt and curtain, much of the baby’s room is complete. Both of those should be done by this weekend as well iA. InshaAllah, once the baby is home – happy and healthy, i will reveal the piccys with details of what we did.

the original countdown is down to single digits, ultrasound due date is still 12 days. plz remember us in ur dua’as.


One Response to “Hanging on.. Week 39”

  1. chachi Says:

    i need to do ur window treatments for baby’s room. inshallah after nani leaves i’ll come by and take measurements and take u to fabricland so we can pick some fabric

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