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The trio on Eid ’07 November 24, 2007

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The three of us – Eid October ’07.

(Click on the link above or thumbnail below to see a larger version)

 Eid October ‘07


6 Responses to “The trio on Eid ’07”

  1. Ayesha Khan Says:

    Aww MashaAllah you guys make a wonderful and beautiful family – May Allah always grant you blessings and peace and keep you all happy

    Its nice to see the three of you…but soon inshaAllah it will be FOUR!!! I cant wait to see your family grow 😀

  2. Zainab Says:



  3. chachi Says:

    mashallah…beautiful. ive been wanting to do this since b was born…never got around to it.

    en b7l6o\2io9l8 –> thats from b
    juik vi

  4. Maryam Says:

    salam, mashAllah, I’ve been waiting to do this too! 🙂 can’t wait to meet the new addition to the family 😉

  5. hinamommy Says:

    Lovely photo. Mashallah! You look great.

  6. Mona Says:

    what happened to my comment?
    lovely picture 🙂

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