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Learning Commons.. November 19, 2007

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So i’m sitting in the learning commons, pretending to be studying, while my mind is completely anywhere BUT the books! Not to mention, I’m not even supposed to be here. I really should be sitting in class right now, watching a video on rape- a weapon of war. But i figured, it would be too depressing from my current state of mind and asked to be excused. Therefore, here I am supposedly working on my assignments and reports due in the upcoming weeks.

Time seems to be short these days. There simply arent enough hours in a day to get done all that I need to do for myself right now. Its great in a way, since it means I’m busy and not just focussing on the baby that isnt here yet. But it also means that I’m constantly feeling frustrated about not having completed everything I wanted to. With my current nesting instinct on its peak, everything that is lying around and not sortted through yet, feels highly offensive! Which makes me super crabby and cranky and poor Imo has to face the brunt of it 😦 

In other news, baby’s stuff is here alhamdolillah. We picked it up last friday and I’m itching to put it all out. Although the crib sheet isnt here yet, I cant wait to do everything else that needs to be done so far. After picking up the stuff, we went for a raptors game downtown, then spent the weekend at Moms and today I’m in school. We spent yesterday night at home and I was itching to do everything then but I promised chachi that we’d do it together so inshaAllah tommorow, we’ll tackle the work together. Hopefully, on my way home, we can stop stop by IKEA and pick up a dresser for the baby tonight – which would chop off one major task on my list of to-do’s.

We’ve also discovered that Baba will be doing some travelling next week … All the way to Dryden! Although its still in Ontario, its close to Manitoba/Winnipeg which means its a 2 hour flight to Thunder Bay and then a 4 hour drive from there. Everyday, Baba’s been giving baby a few pep talks about her arrival timing. He insists that she should arrive within the next few days so that his holidays can kick in and he could be home with us instead. But there are days when he gets naughty and insists that she should arrive after the 30th of nov, which creates funny kicking responses from her. I’m not sure if she’s telling him to ‘Get outta here, I’m perfectly comfy here’ or if she’s telling me: ‘Mama, get me outta here!’. *hmpph*

Eesa has also realized baby’s coming v. soon iA. We’ve been doing alot of preparation with him. MashaAllah he seems thrilled but I’m not exactly thrilled about his reaction and interaction with other kids. Hinamommy’s been a valuable resource and I’m using some of her advice inshaAllah – cant wait for you post abt it Hina!

 (Hina and Ayesha: abt the hospital bag, its ALMOST packed, i’ll post the list once i’m done ;))

I think i’m heading back to class now! talk to you guys soon,




One Response to “Learning Commons..”

  1. chachi Says:

    i’ll put the dresser together if you want. and yay for waiting for me =)

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