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Diaper Bag.. November 19, 2007

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No brand name. Simple, classy and chic. JUST the look I was looking for!

Diaper bag

It matches perfectly with the bedding set I will be getting inshaAllah. And its all for a mere price of $15! I thought they were joking the first time I ever saw it. I was walking through downtown yesterday looking for cute pink and brown stuff and the funny thing is… the same product in any other colour combination is half the price at most stores!! From H&M to Gap to boutiques on Front St, I noticed the same trend. There’s something so HOT about this colour combo! I absolutely LOVE it!


11 Responses to “Diaper Bag..”

  1. chachi Says:

    i ❤ brown (and blue, not pink…but i’m waiting for brown and lilac to pick up)

  2. hinamommy Says:


    Damn. $15???? You better pick one up for me if you’re ever flying through here!!

    YAY to mom’s who’ve given up the funny bunnys to look classy while they carry a baby in tow.

  3. hinamommy Says:

    ok, an after thought…
    Now that Hollywood is producing so many moms, I feel they’ve really jazzed up maternity wear and accesories post AND pre pregnancy. Thanks to all those moms, now we don’t have to look frumpy 🙂

  4. Sheza Says:

    Maryam: havent seen lilac and brown too much yet.. i wonder why!? I love neon green or orange with brown too.

    Hinamommy: having a girl is amazing fun… soooo much to shop for!!:P

  5. Ayesha Says:

    Aww….love the bag…ive been looking around for the perfect one for myself too

  6. Sarah Says:

    Hey that’s a nice bag! You haven’t mentioned though what store you bought it from?

  7. shezahasan Says:

    Hey sarah..

    Where else but my fave? Wallies!

  8. jammie Says:

    hahah brings back memroies of when you were trying to track this one down for me!!! or something similar!! 😀 im going to hold you to it for my next kid- whenever THAT is!

  9. Maryam Says:

    hehe diaper bags gotta love them.. mashAllah you have a theme going, reminds we when someone pointed out that my purse (brown) and my diaper bag (green) matched my carseat (brown and green).. and I think Asiyah or I happened to be wearing those colours that day, and it soooo wasn’t planned.. (but I don’t think the one who pointed it out bought it)..haha mashAllah i can’t wait to see what other brown and pink stuff you got coming ;)……… I should’ve done brown and pink not brown and green! lol.. but I didn’t know I was going to have a girl.. plus have you ever seen a brown and pink carseat? don’t tell me u have one :).. okay well before this comment becomes a story I think I will go now hehe

  10. Sheza Says:

    i havent seen a pink n brown carseat but i have seen a rocker.. ill be putting the pic up coz i absolutely LOVE it. lol

  11. chachi Says:

    graco has a pink and brown travel system called cherry blossom

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