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Hospital bag.. November 13, 2007

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My hospital bag which was ready by 8 mths during Eesa’s time, is not even close to being packed at 9 mths. Somehow, i cant recall what i took with me the last time, apart from Maryam’s funky purple monkey socks. And well socks, three of them, are what I have in my bag so far!


7 Responses to “Hospital bag..”

  1. chachi Says:

    you can have the monkey socks again if you’d like 😀

  2. Mona Says:

    whoa, 8 months at eesa’s time? that’s still pretty good.
    you’ll be okay. inevitably, the bag is always ready before the baby comes. no?
    my mom thought at hana’s time it would be okay for me to go into the hospital without anything and they would just bring in stuff as i needed it.

  3. Ayesha Says:

    thats ok, dont worry about it – Aasiya had hers packed and everything, but she forgot to bring it with her :S lol – i guess when your in labour there are a LOT of other things on your mind – mainly the PAIN!

    if you are confused about what to bring, i think babycenter.com has a checklist type thing that would help you pack

    when you do pack, put up a list of what you took so i can bum ideas off of you, im gonna need to pack mine in a couple of mnths :S – oh and then put a list of stuff you wished you had with you after the birth – lol 😀

  4. chachi Says:

    pack the bag and keep it in the car

  5. blueseaglass Says:

    no worries – just shave what needs to be shaved, bring the socks and make a list in the hospital of what you need!!! Seriously – dont worry! Congrats!

  6. hinamommy Says:

    So have you packed it yet??

  7. Maryam Says:

    lol.. I know I just finished packing mine the night before/the morning of the day I went to the hospital.. it was pretty crazy because having contractions at night but I didn’t realize they were contractions.. and I couldn’t sleep.. and thats when I got my packing done.. cuz at the time I was also going to school so things were pretty hectic..

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